Social Selling Success Story: Keith Weightman Is An All-Star

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Social Selling Success Story

Keith Weightman, an account executive at Bullhorn, combines social selling with traditional selling to get 150% of his sales target.

I want you to check out the video below. I recently sat down with Keith Weightman who is an Account Executive at Bullhorn. If you don’t know Bullhorn, believe me when I say that your recruiter certainly does. They’re the market leader in recruiting software solutions.

Our friend Keith doesn’t call himself an Account Executive. Why should he? He is so value-driven and motivated that clients turn to him to help them accelerate their growth. The way he’s able to deliver this is by adding social selling into his daily routine.

Keith was named the #1 Account Executive at his company recently. He was at 150%+ of plan! He attributes that to a lot of hard work, being obsessed with customers and social selling. He didn’t stop cold calling or any other selling activity, he just layered social into his daily mix.

This is powerful stuff. Check out the video here.

The Bottom Line

Keith is crushing his numbers and that’s something you can do as well with social selling. Like him, you’ll need to do lots of hard work, have ingenuity and creativity. If you’re already doing this and not seeing results, isn’t it time to try something different?

Remember, social selling isn’t difficult. It’s just different. Get started today by using the button below to schedule a call with me.

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