Social Selling Success Story: Driving Home the Dollars! #ILoveCars

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Selling Success StoriesIn this blog series, I usually blog about B2B sales professionals who are doing extremely well using social media. Today I’m going to swerve a little bit off the road (pun intended).

I’d like for you to watch the story of Dan Wegrzynowski. Dan is a smart cookie who figured out how to employ social media into his sales process. And he started to crush it. In this video he explains how he uses social, what he does, the way he communicates with prospects and more!

Hashtag Intelligence

The fundamental reason for Dan’s success is his ability to roll up his sleeves and figure out a way. And he’s done this all on his own. It’s through a lot of trial and error that he can say that he sells cars based on relationships from social media.

One of the nuggets you’ll enjoy in this video interview is the ability to use a hashtag to spark a conversation. You never know who may be interested, so why not talk to someone that has already expressed interest in what you sell? Hashtags can help identify people like this.

Dan uses #ILoveCars in Twitter to see who is discussing their love and passion for cars. That can help start conversations in a breeze!

Building Rapport

Social selling works because it allows you to build rapport. I’ve seen a lot of sales reps trying to use social media to only have conversations. Conversations is where things start; it’s not what ultimately drives home revenue.

The key factors that make social media successful can also be your worst enemy. Sometimes it’s far too easy to start many conversations. Your plan to convert nurture these conversations will be the determining factor between building bona fide and genuine relationships or not.

Dan excels at his profession because he’s figured out that:

  • Using social media can help identify people that have similar interests to the products/services he sells.
  • He can reach these people quickly and efficiently and they’re already somewhat qualified.
  • Conversations can happen quickly and they can be fluid.
  • Rapport can be built and transferred to the offline world for further nurturing.

If you want a general blueprint of how to succeed on social media, that’s it right there. It doesn’t matter if you sell cars, computers, candy or calypso music.

The Bottom Line

I hope that after watching Dan’s video, you’re motivated and inspired to take that leap. If it’s your fear or lack of knowledge that’s holding you back, you should place these to the side for a brief moment. Realize that those that have traveled this path before you have started somewhere. It was through trial and error that they have achieved their current success.

The good news for you is that now there are a TON of free resources to help you get started. Use what you have and tap into people and resources that can help you take practical steps forward.

If you’d like to explore where to start, or what to do, or perhaps review what you’re doing already, feel free to pick a time in my calendar that works for you (click the “schedule” button below).

Remember, social selling isn’t difficult… It’s just different.

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