Social Selling Rockstar: Everybody Needs a Koka!

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Do you have a “Koka” in your business? Haha. This was a great quote from the LinkedIn SalesConnect event in San Francisco on Thursday, September 17th.

I’m pretty sure it was Meagen Eisenberg from Docusign that came up with this beauty…

What does it mean?

When Meagen was describing how important it is to have a Social Selling rockstar in your business, so sales reps have a resource. Not only a resource, but a benchmark and context to see how applicable Social Selling is in THEIR business.

Having a Koka in your business is a shout-out to Koka Sexton, the Social Selling guru that has helped shape the Social Selling industry.

Why is having a Koka in your business so important?

  • You have a resource internally that sets a benchmark
  • You have a resource internally for your sales reps to speak with
  • You can shine a light on your Koka to help shift the behavior of your sales team

Examples of a “Koka” in other sales organizations:

Liz Kempinski

Liz Kempinski – ADP

Keith Gill

Keith Gill – Copper State Communications


Susan Saleh – Entrust

Evan Greenberg

Evan Greenberg – SAS

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