Social Selling On LinkedIn: 10 Resources To Get You Started

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Just about everybody is on LinkedIn today. Actually, that’s not an exaggeration. From a sales statistics report by Zachary Lukasiewicz at Lean-Launch:

96% of sales professionals use LinkedIn at least once a week and spend an average of 6 hours per week on LinkedIn.

So why are so many sales professionals spending so much time on Linkedin? Because it’s become one of the best social networks for reaching out to prospects. The following 10 Sales for Life posts will help you tap into that market and discover precisely how sales superstars are generating leads and building relationships on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Success: 9 Expert Quotes for Social Selling Pros – (Dave Howe) What’s the big deal about LinkedIn? Here are nine reasons why sales happen here. Post these inspirational quotes on your wall to remind you why you are on LinkedIn to recharge your sales performance.


How To Prospect On LinkedIn In 20 Minutes A Day [Infographic] – (Jose Sanchez) I bet you’re busy. Six hours a week on LinkedIn is just a little more than one hour per workday, and it’s possible you don’t have six hours to spare in your workweek. No problem. These 10 recommendations are the TL;DR version.


The Ideal LinkedIn Profile – (Dave Howe) This is your golden ticket to being found and starting to connect. This post covers topics like the best profile keywords, relevant headlines, where people look when they go to your profile, and what kind of photo you will need to give the right first impression.


5 Big Mistakes People Make On Their LinkedIn Profiles – (Jose Sanchez) Everyone makes mistakes. The wise learn from the mistakes of others. Here are amateur moves and worst practices that you can avoid and pretend like you are an old pro at LinkedIn. We won’t tell.


Creating a Buyer-Centric LinkedIn Profile: 7 Key Questions – (Jose Sanchez ) Now it’s time to get serious and start thinking about what the buyer is searching for. Refine your online reputation to resonate with your prospect and become unforgettable.



LinkedIn Success: The Anatomy Of An Engaging Status Update – (Jamie Shanks) Even the best profile doesn’t help unless people have a reason to look at it and engage with you. Grab their attention and provide useful information so they want to know more about you. It’s all about building trust and meaningful relationships that ultimately drive benefits.


LinkedIn Best Practices Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know – (Kevin Thomas Tully) Some people are born with an innate talent for selling. Most of us just need a little training. How do you use LinkedIn Groups? What’s a Smart Relationship? How do you start a dialog online? The answers are behind this link.


Ensuring Account Engagement With LinkedIn’s ‘Relationship Flows’ – (Jamie Shanks) Don’t get “single-threaded.” That means don’t have only one connection to an essential account because that person could quickly move on without notice and leave you at square 0 (not even square 1). Learn how to work the Relationship Flows tool to build a richer network.


Getting Started with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator – (Jose Sanchez) While your updates work their magic, establishing your authority and credibility, the next step is to go out there and get some leads. Sales Navigator is a relatively new tool specifically designed to accelerate your social selling efforts. Get in on the ground floor and start building pre-qualified leads based on criteria that you select.


How Long Does It Take To Monetize A LinkedIn Connection? – (Jamie Shanks) LinkedIn is for networking, not hard selling or cold calling. Are you giving your relationships enough time to grow? Learn about the Zappos Rule and preparing for future sales.

Ready for more? No problem. Go to the Sales For Life blog and search on the term “LinkedIn” or any other topic related to Social Selling. We’ve got a vast library of content on how to implement Social Selling at any level of your organization. What do you want to do better today?

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