Social Selling: Embracing the New Psychology of Sales

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Psychology of SalesDo you like making lists? There are a lot of benefits to making lists when you feel unorganized. Let’s talk about making a list of all the things in life we know we should do but aren’t yet doing. Chances are that you’re not doing these things because your mind is not fully in it.

The belief factor hasn’t hit you hard enough yet.

Social selling is no different. When it comes to social selling, it really is about 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.

Today’s Reality

In our quest to drag everyone into the world of social selling, we’ve come across a lot of interesting scenarios. And I’m sure there are situations that will surprise us in the future. Here are some interesting things we’ve observed.

Imagine coming across people that:

  • Don’t have LinkedIn Profiles (often Sales Managers, true story)!
  • Question whether their potential buyers are online.
  • Think Twitter is useless.
  • Still prefer the “good old way” of doing things and literally sit with the Yellow Pages to make cold calls.
  • And overall feel social media is best left for Justin Bieber fans.

Social Selling Breakup

Mind Shift

If you’re serious about changing habits and accepting the new psychology of sales, I’ll share two tips that have worked for many who start with social selling. I’m not a Psychologist but trust me, this has worked for people.

Expect Disruption

Forget change. We all know that’s a given, but expect to be completely rocked out of your comfort zone. If you can get your mind to accept this and prepare for it, you can start to bring on new challenges.

Expect Failure

Sounds crazy, but it’s true! Now you may be thinking that it’s important to have a positive outlook and be energized on the goal of success, and you’d be right about this. However, be realistic and know that you’ll hit stumbling blocks along the way. You won’t ever get anything right out of the gate. That’s just reality. In short, expect failure and remember to have fun learning.

If you believe social selling is something you’d like to learn, be very mindful of these two points.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the good news in all of this. If social selling is only 20% about the mechanics, it means it really isn’t that hard. Like all things it just takes some time and practice. Don’t worry about the advanced level stuff, let’s just start with the basics.

If you start off negatively, you’ll have no chance at success. I guarantee it.

Need some help in getting your mind right? I can share some best practices with you on how to prepare for social selling and the new psychology of sales. Some people can handle jumping in while others need to be eased in with some careful planning. We’ve got you covered in either case. Feel free to book some time with Dr. Amar today (I’m not a Doctor: true story).

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