Sharing Content? Follow These 3 Rules

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Sharing Content

As you wade into the waters of Social Selling, you will be sharing content about your company’s products and services. Sharing information is liberating, scary, but more than anything, fun. It will allow you to express your thoughts while gradually taking more of a leadership position online. This is your goal, and the journey to get there will take a while.

As your content becomes shared, liked and commented on, remember to keep the following fundamental rules in mind. Follow these and bypass the obstacles the rest of us had to face and learn about the hard way.

Implement these best practices today as you enter into the world of Social Selling.

Rule # 1: Stay Classy

As people consume your content they will begin to comment and chime in on subjects. Now remember, this is the internet. Not everyone will be your fan and not everyone will be nice. It is like real life but in digital bytes.

If someone makes a comment that irks you, resist your urge to call them out. As much as you may want to, do not enter into a long and drawn out back and forth with them. It will take attention away from your topic. Respectfully disagree and move on.

Additionally, do not bash any competitors. We all want to win but winning does not have to come at the cost of your dignity and self-respect. Engage with your competitors in spirited discussions but never go below the belt.

Rule # 2: Leave Carpet Bombing to the Army

Just because your company has a new product/service available, this does not give you the license to post in every one of your 50 groups on LinkedIn and go on a Twittering rampage. This will only result in one thing: you being blocked by the very prospects you are trying to get in front of.

Remember to treat your social media channels with respect. Be one with that force. It will yield you results over time.

Rule # 3: Customize, Don’t Standardize

Just as you would change your tactics on every prospect cold call, remember to also customize your Social Selling messaging. You do not need to be a PhD in creative writing. Every prospect is at a different stage in the buying cycle. Your ability to add relevancy and context in their path will help differentiate you.

If competitors are sending direct mail post cards while you chime in on a question your prospects may be asking, who has a greater chance of being seen?

The Bottom Line

We have developed solid best practices that you can begin to implement right away. For these and other helpful techniques, feel free to contact me with the link below.
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