Self-Investment For Sales: Spend $1,000 To Make $1,000,000 In A Lifetime

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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self-investment-dummies-1.jpgIf only you could see into the future. I obviously can’t see the future, but I can look back on my sales career over the last five years and see how I achieved exponential learning and growth.

Five years ago I was learning new things, but I really didn’t take investing in myself as seriously as I should have.

Approximately three years ago, I started reading, listening, watching, and studying at a feverish pace. I look back at those investments in new ideas and skills as some of the best investments of my life. 

I became a stronger CEO who learnt to pilot a business from tens of thousands in revenue to millions in revenue. Today, we enable the sales community globally, and I can’t afford to miss a single sales trend. Now, I set a goal to consume 50 books a year. I’ve finished 15 thus far…


If you know my story, I was also an analog seller five years ago. I had to adapt and change, or lose my business. I decided to make investments in myself. First, self-teaching social selling skills, and later, high levels of investment in becoming a more effective CEO.

It took me years of this relentless learning—hundreds of audiobooks, webinars, videos, courses, seminars, and networking events—to get me to where I am today. In retrospect, all this took was a little money and a big time investment, and now that personal investment has equaled millions for my business. 

You are at the same crossroads. The world has become digital around you, and you’re still an analog seller, or managing an army of analog sellers.


1. Do nothing and save the cost of learning a new skill-set 

Yes, I know, sales training may seem expensive. Our Social Selling Mastery for an individual sales professional is about the cost of a new TV. I get it.

But guess what. Your college/university was also crazy expensive—probably 10 times the price of that TV! Ask yourself: why did you pay for post-secondary education?

If you decide to save the dollars and, either stick to your current sales process or even teach yourself new skills, you can save the dollars. Who knows where that will get you? It’s too bad you don’t have a crystal ball to predict five years out to see what negating a sales skill will do to you.

But consider this: Compared to non-social sellers, sales reps who regularly practice social selling are 40% more likely to hit their revenue goals.

That number is only going to increase as Millennials begin to dominate the workforce, demanding socially-prepared vendors who can offer valuable insights and immediate access to information.

2. Invest in yourself today, and earn millions over your lifetime

You have 10,20,30 years of selling left in your career. Knowledge is like compound interest.

As Grant Cardone says: “The ROI on good sales training is much higher than any MBA program in the country.”

Even if the sales tips and processes help you win one new deal extra each year, those deals start compounding year-after-year, making you tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands more in sales bookings and/or commissions annually.

You will laugh at your five-year-ago self at how little the investment cost to the yield you returned.

It’s how I look at my Audibles book account, which recently surpassed $1,000 spent in books in the last 18 months. I look at that and can’t help but laugh out loud—a $1,000 expense and I’ve executed $100,000’s of plays from these books!

I’ve had the pleasure of watching +75,000 sales professionals make investments in themselves to become Social Selling Masters (some paid themselves, others had corporate sponsorship). Either way, this a LIFE-LONG skill if actioned and practiced routinely. It will make you more than you ever imagined.

Sales professionals, I can’t say it any clearer: INVEST IN YOURSELF!


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