Sales Training: We Need Social Selling and They’re Giving It Away For Free!

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Sales TrainingYou know the world has changed and that your sales reps have changed right along with it. Social selling doesn’t have to be scary. With the right sales training, social selling can work wonders for your business too.

Don’t lie to yourself.

You know that deep down, even though your team somehow managed to hit their 2013 sales numbers, repeating this will be very different.

You’ve read the LinkedIn posts about social selling. You might even have seen a few of your sales reps experimenting with selling via LinkedIn. You’ve heard other VP’s of Sales talk about how their reps are driving business through social.

I know you’re nervous.

I’ve personally conducted sales training for thousands of sales reps at over 100 companies. I saw the very beginnings of social selling in 2011, when it was still just a whisper. Today, things are different. Almost every day now I witness traditional sales organizations embracing the opportunity from Europe to Asia and Latin America.

As I write this, I’m actually on a flight to Mexico City to train a client’s Latin American division. They’ve seen success and are expanding their social selling program around the world!

Why are you scared? Usually, it’s for one of these two reasons.

1. My Reps Have a History of Being Fickle

Myth I’ve heard this line at least 25% of the time I’ve approached a new client. The challenge is that sales reps are either too stuck in their ways or feel that they’re doing enough already and are unwilling to change. Typically, these types of companies also have a history of bringing in sales training companies only to see their efforts become a colossal failure.

Solution Traditional sales training programs are geared to solve two issues: (1) How to close more deals, and (2) How to increase incremental sales expertise.

The issue with these types of sales training programs are:

  • Becoming a better closer only matters if your sales reps have enough leads (which as it turns out is the core issue that most sales reps have)
  • Sales reps are convinced that they’re good at selling, otherwise they wouldn’t be in sales. Too many sales training programs undermine the sales rep by assuming they instinctively know how to sell

Social selling training is predicated on a process (not methodology) that helps sales professionals use social tools in their daily routines. Social selling training is about tips, tricks and tactics – action items they can walk away with, that they didn’t know before.

2. My Sales Reps Are Like Squirrels, Easily Distracted

Myth Yes, sales reps are notorious for getting excited for 5 minutes but inevitably reverting back to their old ways. Why? Because they haven’t been stimulated with empirical evidence that motivates them to change. Most sales reps are river boat gamblers (that’s why they chase big commission cheques). But they will also always bet on their current processes rather than new processes unless evidence has been presented otherwise.

Solution Money talks.

Here – book a call with me, and we’ll give your sales team 4 sales training tips in for 30 minutes for FREE. BOOK A MEETING HERE.

I guarantee that any sales rep that tries will create at least one new opportunity within 1 week! When it comes to sales, money talks and you don’t have to part with any to help your sales reps.

It’s hard to argue with great success stories like these:

Sales Training

Sales Training Sales for Life Reco2

Sales Training

Sales Training

Have I succeeded in peaking your interest in social selling? Book some time in my calendar to explore the possibilities further! What are you waiting for? You can also download one of the social selling guides below.

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