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Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Quick Recap of my experience at #salesummit.
Inside Sales Summit – 62 Sales Experts, Featuring 11 Sales Authors. One Amazing Day (June 20th, 2013)

  • Best Selling Sales Authors
  • Fortune 500 Executives
  • Top Industry Leaders

Thought I would try something new for a change, so on June 20th, 2013, I spent the day in professional development at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit presented by Despite having many higher priority tasks in front of me, there were a few reasons I elected to participate:

  • I wanted to see if the webinar/online tradeshow format was ready for prime time, curious to experience it.
  • It would allow me to refine/validate the current messaging I am taking to market around Social Selling Training and (we were also presenting)
  • It would allow me to connect with/hear from the most influential minds in the Sales Profession on their perspective of the future.

By all accounts, the conference did not disappoint. Despite a few challenges with audio while getting set, I was able to join the session with little difficulty and got there just after David Elkington’s opening keynote. Not having planned out the agenda in advance, I simply followed the presentation schedule and ended up catching talks delivered by Jeffrey Gitomer, Ken Krogue, Bob Perkins, Liz Gelib-O’Connor, Josh James, Lori Richardson, Jill Konrath, Bryan Kreutzberger, Jill Rowley, Guy Kawasaki, and Kurt Shaver. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the presentations and thought I would share my rough notes with links to each individual.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Topic : Taking The Lead

My Notes:

  • The key to winning at Social Media is to Start with your core customers and connections. Give them something they value and that compels them to tell others.
  • What are you doing to ensure your customer’s loyalty?
  • What is your customer’s mission? Find that, you find the motive. Then you find desired outcome. That’s where the sale is.

Ken Krogue

Topic: Professional Sales Done Remotely

My Notes:

  • Inside Sales is essentially professional sales done remotely. Inside has surpassed Outside, they are now converged/similar roles
  • Only 27% of the leads a company generates ever get contacted, it takes us an avg of 39hrs to follow up. No longer good enough. (60 Seconds works)
  • C.l.o.s.e.r. Model for success (as explained in enclosed video)

Bryan Kreutzberger

Topic: Cold Emailing: How to get meetings with anyone.

My Notes:

  • From experience prefers cold emailing to cold calling
  • Breaks even a simple email into 9 different parts, ensures 90% uptake
  • Uses “Close Out” emails to successfully break radio silence
  • Offers templates/resources @


Mike Smalls

Topic: Motivation comes from the inside.

My Notes:

Lori Richardson

Topic: Five Sure-Fire Ways to Inspire Your Sales Team

My Notes:

  • Be Inclusive
  • Be an example
  • Be Visionary
  • Coach to Strengths
  • Be in it for the Long Haul

Josh James

Topic: Killing it with Data

My Notes:

  • Data is your GPS
  • Revenue cures all problems
  • Sales driven companies win
  • Don’t look at data in isolation, review in context to entire business
  • Measure everything

Guy Kawasaki

Topic: The Art of Enchantment

My Notes:

Be likeable

  • Smile with your eyes (crow’s feet)
  • Accept others for who they are
  • Default to “Yes”, what can I do to help?
  • Achieve Trustworthiness:
    • Trust others
    • Be a Baker not an Eater
    • Always agree on something
    • Perfect – product or service

Use DICEE model:

  • Deep
  • Intelligent
  • Complete
  • Empowering
  • Elegant

There were a few others, including the presentation of @JillRowley that I was too enthralled with to bother taking notes. After having personally watched dozens of best selling authors and professional speakers while with, Jill’s talk was one that will continue to stand out for me.

After having reviewed the key points and overall themes from the show, the bottom line is very much the same as always as far as the Sales Profession goes. To be a ‘hands down’ Top Performer and to break through your personal and professional limits you must continue to stay on top of new technologies, tools, and trends. You must invest yourself heavily in constant improvement, education, and betterment. And you must continue to serve as the bridge between the individuals that are your customers and the companies/products/services you represent.

If you were unable to participate in’s Virtual Summit on June 20th, 2013 and would like any of the information shared in the sessions I have highlighted, you can book my time by clicking the button below. Fascinating content presented by fascinating people.

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