PUBLIC APOLOGY: Social Selling Doesn’t Work

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Social Selling Doesn't WorkAfter much debate internally, Sales for Life and all its employees would like to issue a formal apology to our clients, partners, and the general public.

Social Selling Doesn’t Work

We’ve been pushing the agenda of social selling for our own selfish interest. It’s clear that the strategies of social are completely misleading. Moreover, they’re not sound or based in reality.

There Hasn’t Been a Buyer Evolution

All of the stats that we’ve been pushing to the market have been false and/or falsified.

Figures like 50%-70% of the buying process now being done online have no proof whatsoever. It’s something we invented out of thin air. We apologize for the confusion. The fact of the matter is that buyers really enjoy getting unsolicited calls from salespeople. In fact, they insist on it.

The reality is the exact opposite of what we’ve claimed: 50%-70% of the buying process for most buyers is happening through helpful and value-driven cold calls from salespeople and library periodicals.

What is Social Selling

Cold Calling: It’s the ONLY Way, Baby!

We issue a special apology to sales leaders. I know we’ve taken an abrasive and harsh tone with those of you that haven’t taken the time to research the impact of social media on your sales teams. We now know the best way to handle buyers is the way you’ve been doing so since 1990. Change sucks. Why change?

Cold calling as a medium of communication is the ONLY thing we should be focused on. That and really nice, glossy brochures.

And Now, The Video

The Bottom Line

We figured the best time to issue this apology would be April 1st. It would make sense no other time of the year. We’ll behave for 1 day this year, but the other 364 days are ours for the taking.

Public Service Announcement: If you didn’t get the humor in this, we urge you to check the date on your calendar. Happy April Fool’s Day! J FYI: social selling ROCKS!

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