New Research: Only 16% Of Teams Have The Necessary Skills For digital Transformation [Infographic]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin
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Sales teams need to go digital or risk being left behind in the dust. If you don’t believe this then read the following statistic: only 16% of executives say they have the right people and skills to execute digital transformation (Forrester Research, 2016). As buyers go digital, they rely less on sales teams to learn and make purchasing decisions. How are you tackling this problem?

Take a look at these stats:

  • Only 26% believe their CEO sets a clear vision for digital.

  • Only 21% said they have the right people.

  • Just 25%  of executives  feel confident  their company  fully understands the potential  for digital to change value creation.

Many questions arise when leaders disucss the topic of digital. Is my organization even ready for digital transformation? How will this impact the way we grow revenue? And what determines the success of a digital business? Our latest infographic by Forrester on how digital continues to disrupt addresses these top concerns many executives face.

Digital Continues To Disrupt

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