Losing your Gen Y sales talent? YOU WILL!

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Gen Y = any sales professional on your team born after 1980. That makes your oldest Gen Y 34 years old.

Do you know what’s different about them (I’m 36 years old, so I’m like a hybrid), that from you?

You got your first cell phone AFTER University, had to use a shared computer lab to check email (maybe – or you didn’t have email) and Social Media DID NOT come naturally.


50% of your salesforce will be a Gen Y (or Gen Z) in 5 years!

    • Gen Y didn’t grow up pounding the telephone

Man Using Smartphone

  • Gen Y did grow up networking electronically
  • Gen Y did grow up networking and educating themselves WELL beyond the borders of their immediately community
  • Gen Y didn’t learn in a linear path (do X, then Y, get Z). They learnt “on-demand”, and if they got bored, they can turn off learning with a click of a button
How does this affect you?
  • Was your sales process and methodologies created BEFORE 2008 (the explosion of Social Media)? If so, how are you going to fit the square peg (Gen Y) into your round hole (your dated sales system)?
  • Why would a Gen Y stay with your company more than 1 year into dealing with these old-school sales tactics? There are plenty of companies now making their selling environment sexy to both Gen Y, and the realities of today’s buyer (which has been shaped by Gen Y).
  • In the interview process, as you fight for great talent, why would a Gen Y choose your company? Money is NOT the most important motivator to Gen Y – corporate culture is!


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