LinkedIn Launches New Premium Insights Tab for Businesses [Video]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin
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LinkedIn recently announced new features on the Premium Insights tab for LinkedIn Company profiles. The features provide a wealth of new data, useful for targeting clients and companies that have a high percentage of sales professionals.

The premium insights are available for business blogs, navigator and talent solutions.

NEW HIRES Intelligence

One powerful aspect of this new premium feature is the New Hires Intelligence feature. This allows you to dive into the organizational chart and see, by department where all new hires are distributed. Similar to a job change alert, this will allow you to engage in a conversation and provide value at their new company. More importantly, if a previous customer of yours joins the company, it’ll open a new door for you.

Notable Alumni

This feature provides insight on former employees of that specific company and where they are working currently. What’s important to note is that this focuses on senior talent so keeping an eye out for these career moves will give you the opportunity to engage with new companies. And if one of your advocates leaves and joins a new company, this will allow you to strike a conversation over there.

See what our CEO Jamie Shanks has to say about it:


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