LinkedIn Groups Management: Connect With Targeted Buyers Using SalesFlock

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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As a sales professional, you probably already belong to dozens of LinkedIn groups. They’re a great way to engage with other professionals, generate leads, and keep on top of industry trends. But if you belong to many groups like I do (I’m currently a member of 50 LinkedIn groups!), monitoring engagement can be a huge challenge. It’s just impossible to monitor all of that group activity—and that can mean missed opportunities and lost business. Fortunately, I’ve recently come across a great tool that can help monitor LinkedIn group engagement so you can stay on top of all of your groups.

Here’s the scoop. I’ve started to use a great tool called SalesFlock. I learned about SalesFlock through a client who is an avid user of GaggleAMP, a tool that allows a marketing administrator to arrange and distribute content on behalf of the sales force. SalesFlock is a beta tool created by the makers of GaggleAMP. It allows you to manage your LinkedIn groups by inserting keywords. You’ll then receive emails of relevant discussions that are happening in those LinkedIn groups. It will also let you know when you have new Twitter followers, and suggest which followers you should connect with that can positively affect your business.

Without SalesFlock, I’d only be able to monitor a few LinkedIn groups. But now I can monitor all 50 of them! More importantly, I don’t miss out on potential opportunities. When someone asks a question about Social Selling or Social Selling training, I’m able to engage and answer their questions.

Don’t let the volume of your LinkedIn group activity allow you to miss out on potential opportunities that can help your business succeed. SalesFlock will ensure that you’re on top of all of the relevant discussions in your LinkedIn groups. And in today’s Social Selling world, it just makes sense.

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