Leaky Pipeline? Time To Change Channels [Infographic]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin

As a sales leader, do you know what channels create the most opportunities? Maybe it’s last month’s email campaign. Or maybe it’s that huge offline event you threw in March. Unfortunately, if you’re like most companies, these channels aren’t working as well as you think they are.

New data shows these channels — email campaigns and offline events — are least likely to close. Turns out it’s harder to create opportunities from channels such as employee and customer referrals, but they are way more likely to close. By just how much? 

Scroll through the infographic below by Implisit to find out. They analyzed hundreds of companies pipelines’ to see which channels result in the highest conversion rates. Some key takeaways:

  • Lead to opportunity — 13%; opportunity to deal — 6%

  • Webinars — 2.5% opportunity to deal conversion rate

  • Company events — mostly closed-lost opportunities



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