Influencer Marketing & Klout: Propel Your LinkedIn Publishing

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Keith Gill

If you need proof that we “crowdsource” our content from clients, their sales professionals and our channel partners, this is an amazing example!

Most of the words from this blog are from Keith Gill, the social selling rock star from our client, Copper State Communications.

Here are a few of the crazy things that Keith figured out in under 90 days:

1. Google can be your best friend for SEO (LinkedIn helps propel that SEO)
2. Klout can be spiked, helping with your SEO
3. “Influencer marketing” is like having a jet pack on your back!

Here is the story, played out for you via Keith.

So, my first and only ‘LinkedIn Publishing platform’ post so far has been shared and viewed fairly well.

Cloud Computing

Well the weird thing is, I noticed is that the post was Twitter retweeted an EXTREMELY unexpected number of times…


Trying to figure out how & why it was retweeted so many times, I noticed one of the retweets was from Chris Pirillo.

Retweeted by Chris Pirillo

Chris Pirillo

Here is his Klout score…

Chris Pirillo Klout Score

Further thoughts from Keith Gill:

Klout. Not sure how important Klout is in the grand scheme of things, but I think I did indeed crack the code to get my score to raise. It’s amazing what impact ‘influencers’ can have on the viral nature of your content.

In under a month, Keith was able to spike his Klout score 1 point above mine, and 9 points above Amar’s, and we’ve been working at this for YEARS!

Keith Gill Klout

Jamie Shanks Klout Score

Amar Sheth Klout Score

Here are Keith’s Klout tips for you:

1. Although Klout’s algorithm isn’t public knowledge, it would appear that Twitter engagement can significantly impact your Klout score, so for all your sales professionals that say “poo-poo” to Twitter, well you’re S.O.L.

2. Ask your Twitter followers, Google+ circles and LinkedIn connections to give you +K’s. Have your networks share this information on Twitter, and give +K’s to influencers on Twitter and share it on Twitter so they see it in their feed and are more likely to reciprocate.

3. Klout scores seem to raise not only by the number of times you are mentioned on Twitter, and not only by the number +Ks you get, and not only by the number of times a Tweet of yours is retweeted but ALSO, and this is a BIG ONE… the number of times your Tweets are favorited by influential people. The goal is to write content that influential people enjoy, and/or mention influential people!

Keith had a couple of his Tweets favorited by Joel Comm:

Joel Comm Klout

Guess which tweets Joel Comm favorites?

Go scroll through his “Favorites” on is Twitter and you will see this:

 Joel Comm

What does this mean for a sales professional?

1. Treat yourself like a brand. Would a brand stop marketing themselves because they can rely off the ‘business card’ of one of their products? What happens when the music stops and you leave your job, or the market changes, or your company’s reputation sours? What ‘brand’ are you going to rely on then?

2. While we love to talk about LinkedIn & Twitter in our training, NEVER, EVER neglect the power of Google searches. Klout and influencers passing your content all over the globe is ONLY going to help you in the long-term.

Need help getting started with using Twitter or social media for sales? Contact me using the button below and we’ll find a time to chat.

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