Inbound, The Art Of & Sales 3.0: Events for Sales Leaders Around The World

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sales-events-global.jpgChange happens fast. In the past 20 years we have seen more technological innovation than in the 80 years prior. Mobile is overtaking desktop, social is beating search, and messaging apps are challenging email. What’s next?

This is how Business Insider sells its flagship conference, Ignition, on the event website. And they couldn’t be more accurate. But just because the year is coming to a close, the learning doesn’t have to stop. Below are 7 of the hottest events for sales leaders around the world.

Inbound 2016

Who: Sales and Marketing Leaders, Professionals

What: One of the top inbound-focused conferences out there with topics on inbound marketing, sales and services. The 2016 lineup includes Alec Baldwin, Gary Vaynerchuk and Serena Williams.

When: November 8-11

Where: Boston, MA

Marketing and Sales Performance Summit

Who: Senior Sales Professionals, Executives

What: The latest trends to help leaders guide marketing, sales and transformation teams to success. Topics include lessons learned from implementing social selling, the power of sales metrics and how to successfully align sales & marketing within the organization.

When: November 16

Where: Mechelen, Belgium

The Sales 2.0 Conference

Who: Sales Professionals, Leaders, Trainers

What: Sales organizations today are living on the edge of Sales 3.0, a movement driven by artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing. Learn how to live with these cutting-edge technologies and still drive top sales performance with coaching, training and social selling strategies.  

When: November 14

Where: Philadelphia, PA

AA-ISP Inside Sales World 2016

Who: Inside Sales Professionals and Leaders

What: The goal of Inside Sales World 2016 is to arm you with knowledge, techniques, and tools to help you improve your Inside Sales organization as well as your own personal management and leadership skills. Expect innovative ideas and best practises you can implement immediately.

When: November 15

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Digital Sales Engine

Who: Sales and Marketing Executives, Professionals

What: A day-long online summit designed to help attendees build a sales stack to improve sales performance and better serves your customers. Featured speakers include Jill Konrath, Tamara Schenk and Tiffani Bova.

When: November 17

Where: Anywhere (virtual event)

Ignition Future of Digital

Who: Leaders in Tech, Sales and Marketing

What: Hosted by Business Insider, Ignition gives sales teams the opportunity to learn what key trends they need to be aware of and what they need to do to stay ahead when it comes to the digital world.

When: December 5

Where: New York City, NY

The Art of Sales

Who: Sales Professionals and Leaders

What: The Art of Sales empowers salespeople by giving them actionable insight and real-world guidance. You will learn from best-selling authors about how to build relationships and sell to consumers who have more information than ever at their disposal.

When: December 7

Where: Toronto, ON


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