How To Align With The Modern Buyer

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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digital-grwoth-con.jpgWithin the past 20 years, every aspect of your life has been affected by the ‘digital age.’ Companies like Uber, Spotify and Amazon are improving our everyday experiences by creating more data driven and customer centric processes. Digital transformation has been on the agenda for leaders of every single industry for a long time. Leaders in the sales and marketing space are noticing and adapting to this ‘digital age.’

Within Sales, Marketing and Sales Enablement we are noticing major changes within the following four areas: Strategy, People, Content/Media and Technology/tools. These four areas are pivotal to your organizational shift and can be viewed as the four pillars of digital transformation.

Sales for Life is hosting an online event, Digital Growth Conference, which designed to help leaders in sales, marketing and enablement align to better serve the modern buyer and grow revenue today.

The four day event will feature 20+ industry leaders and practitioners presenting leadership panels, proven strategies and case studies which demonstrate the pivotal role that Strategy, People, Content and Technology play in enabling your company to align with the modern buyer and sell in 2017.

Day 1 – Strategy – Tuesday, February 28th

DGC.pngRegardless of what has worked in the past, the unintended consequences of both technology advancement and buyer behavior has forced revenue-focused teams to re-strategize their approach.

From account-based marketing and sales to social selling and customer advocacy, day 1 of Digital Growth Conference will be comprised of three live online sessions that focus on strategies for sales, marketing and enablement to align better to serve the modern buyer and grow revenue today. Take a look at the agenda for the day:

1:00 PM EST: B2B Buyers Mandate A New Charter For Marketing And Sales: Accelerate Alignment Or Get Left Behind – Mary Shea, (Principal Analyst at Forrester) & Jamie Shanks (CEO at Sales for Life)

1:45 PM EST: Strategies For Digital Transformation: Lessons From The Trenches – Jill Rowley (Social Selling Evangelist), Gabe Larsen (Director of the Labs) & Michael Pedone (B2B Inside Sales Training Expert at

2:30 PM EST: How To Sell The Way Prospects Buy – Michael Pici (Director of Sales, HubSpot)

Day 2 – People – Wednesday, March 1st

DGC2.pngAccording to research conducted by Forrester, over 1 million B2B salespeople in the US will be obsolete by 2020. The days of buyers reaching out to sellers for information about purchases are over. Because of this evolved buyer/seller relationship, the role of the modern sales professional has changed.

The second day of Digital Growth Conference is going to focus completely on the people within your organization. You’ll learn what skills, traits and processes are necessary for sales, marketing and enablement teams to thrive in 2017.

1:00 PM EST: Beyond Automation: Coaching Sales Reps To Create Intimacy At Scale – Anthony Iannarino (Sales & Marketing Leader, Keynote Speaker)

1:45 PM EST: Engaging The Digital Buyer: Skills of Modern Sales Teams – Koka Sexton (Global Industry Principal, Social Selling, Hootsuite), Mark Hunter (Keynote Sales Speaker, The Sales Hunter) & Tim Wackel (Sales Trainer & Keynote Speaker)

2:30 PM EST: Be Obsessed Or Be Average – Grant Cardone (Best-Selling Author, International Sales Trainer)

Day 3 – Content – Thursday, March 2nd

DGC3.pngWe’ve all heard stats that are similar to Corporate Visions’ ‘B2B buyers will choose the sales professional that’s first to add value 74% of the time’ stat, however, in recent research conducted by Sales for Life, it was revealed that on average, only 20% of sales professionals in technology companies are sharing content.

While top-performing companies are realizing that content is not only the currency between sales and marketing teams, it is also your opportunity to shape the buyer’s journey from an early stage. The third day of the event will offer a detailed explanation as to how to acquire and deliver insights that will inspire buyers and shape the buyer’s journey.

1:00 PM EST: How To Acquire And Deliver Insights That Shape The Buyer’s Journey – Amar Sheth (VP Customer Success, Sales for Life)

1:45 PM EST: Innovative Content That Inspires Buyers – Cameron Brain (CEO, EveryoneSocial) and more to be added.

2:30 PM EST: How To Leverage Content To Win More Deals in the Age of the Customer – Adam Kirsh (VP Sales, Salesforce Canada)

Day 4 – Technology – March 3rd

DGC4.pngToday’s buyers are informed and starting their buying journeys without the help of sales. Sales teams can learn how to leverage technology to find buyers much earlier in the process and share content that will shape their buyer’s journey. However, with a new sales tool seeming to be released each day, it can be hard for sales and marketing leaders to assemble a successful technology machine to improve sales performance and better serve their buyers.

The final day of the event will show you how top-performing sales and marketing companies are leveraging new technologies to increase productivity and performance in all areas of their organization ranging from content sharing, channel partnerships and video for prospecting.

1:00 PM EST: Digital content, learning and coaching breadcrumbs: How sales force enablement has to adapt to the digital age – Tamara Schenk (Research Director, CSO Insights)

1:45 PM EST: Sales Technologies To Leverage That Accelerate The Buyer’s Journey – Brynne Tillman (Chief Learning Officer, PeopleLinx), Katie George (Manager, Business Development, Vidyard) and Morgan Pierce (Sr. Director Community & Content Marketing, Altify (Formerly The TAS Group))

2:30 PM EST: How To Leverage Channel To Grow Recurring Revenue – Scott Salkin (Founder & CEO, Allbound) and Jon Hunter (Worldwide Head of Sales, Digital Service Management, BMC Software)

We have designed this event to enhance the experience of each attendee. ALL 12 of the sessions will be presented live with an opportunity to have your questions answered by the speakers. With only three sessions each day you won’t be sitting in front of your computer for all of your day and you’ll come away with manageable and actionable tactics and strategies to bring your organization into the ‘digital age’ and sell to the modern buyer.

Sign up even if you can’t make the live event, we’ll send you the session recordings.



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