How The Power Of Social Proof Can Help Drive New Revenue

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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How The Power Of Social Proof Can Help Drive New RevenueThere’s no doubt that Social Selling training has many benefits. But when you’re connecting with new clients, even if you have a great product and are saying all the right things, how can you backup your claims and show potential clients that your message is credible? The answer: social proof.

What is social proof?

Social proof is the act of connecting two different parties so they can communicate with each other to validate your statement and prove it’s true.

Not convinced that social proof can benefit your business? Take one of our great clients for example, SAS, one of the world’s largest software companies. We’ve been working with Kristine Vick and Jennifer Hill on SAS’s Social Selling training program, and they have been evangelists for our business internally, and also been great references.

One day, I was approached by one of the world’s largest tech companies. This organization called us because they recognized an opportunity to improve their sales professionals’ understanding of Social Selling through implementing an enterprise level training program.

As they were going through the discovery phase, they had a lot of great questions for me. But they really wanted to communicate with a company like themselves who had gone through similar challenges and pitfalls, with a successful end results.

Socially surround your buyers

So we introduced this company to our existing client, SAS, so that they could talk offline. It’s important to note that we weren’t involved in their conversation. But a half-hour conversation between these two organizations has grown to include invitations to events and numerous conversations where they are able to discuss many relevant topics to their business, such as best practices, challenges and how they overcame them, how they scaled, the end result, and how they measure success.

Social proof allowed the organization to have a dialogue with a real customer. This allowed them to follow in SAS’s footsteps. Social proof is a powerful way to build value for potential customers through connecting them with existing customers in an authentic way.

As for us? We’ve benefited greatly from social proof. By having faith in our clients to tell the truth and performing this introduction, that large tech company has now become a client. And it was all based on us allowing this potential client to talk with our customers in an authentic way.


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