How One Sales Rep Makes 50% Of His Pipeline Come From Social Selling

Amar Sheth
Amar Sheth
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Is it possible to build a HUGE pipeline through social selling? The short answer is yes, absolutely. Just ask Jeff Zelaya. In fact, 50% of his pipeline is from social selling!

Let that sink in.

Jeff is leading the charge on sales at Triblio, which helps B2B Marketers with content personalization. I had the chance to meet and interview Jeff earlier this year. What he told me was astounding!

Check out the video here to listen to Jeff and what he’s talking about.

Social for One & All

Jeff grew up on social media and was using social selling techniques long before the term came into existence. Although he didn’t come to this interview with his Bane mask (the epic character from the Batman series), he did quote him!

He figured out that social media platforms could be used to build relationships which could then be nurtured.

Because of this, in his mind, it didn’t make sense to NOT use these tools because they presented a great way for sales professionals to capitalize on relationships to build pipeline.

Did Jeff just mysteriously alter the course of the sales universe? No, he simply adjusted his efforts and started to apply them (little by little) on social media. Social has now just become another tool in his sales toolkit.

Meeting People, Not Buyers

It hasn’t replaced the phone or e-mail for him (nor should it for you) but it allows him to start conversations with people very early on.

How early on? Even before a buying journey has started. Even before a person knows of problems and solutions. He knows that his buyers are constantly online and on social media (just like yours) talking to people, learning, educating themselves and generally having “aha!” moments.

He finds these people, joins conversations, adds insight, presents ideas that challenges their status quo and ensures that he can also inspire them to have some “aha!” moments as well.

The Results Are Awesome!

Because Jeff does this, not only is he able to start conversations, he’s able to translate those into tangible sales opportunities. So much so that over 50% of Jeff’s pipeline is now directly from social selling.

The Bottom Line

I love Jeff’s story because it’s the story of millions of sales people.

Perhaps you’re a sales rep, managing sales people or enabling them at your company. Either way, his story resonates with all of us because sales is all about meeting people, helping them and being a resource when they need us.

If this is the case, then why limit yourself to only one kind of selling? Why not increase your chances of meeting more people and having more conversations?

So, what will you do now? Go forth and grow, expand and DOMINATE!

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Remember, social selling isn’t difficult. It’s just different.

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