How Forward-Thinking Organizations Are Shaping The Future of Sales [Roundup]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin

If you are still following the same sales playbook today that you did in 1971 then something has to change, immediately. How we sell should reflect current B2B buying behaviours, this requires a more focused organizational process, strategic vision and elevated core competencies.

The future of sales is ahead of us and although it seems daunting, developing specific attributes will drive a successful selling approach.

In this week’s sales blog roundup, we’re focusing on the future state of sales and what is necessary for forward-thinking organizations to thrive. Here are two articles on the state of sales development and the rise of the strategic seller.

The Rise of the Strategic Seller

Technology is continuously shaping how we sell today, however, it should be treated as an accelerant to your existing skills and process. As technology continually weaves into our sales process, the strategic seller will be even more relevant.

In the LinkedIn Sales Blog latest blog, Alex Hisaka outlines the rise of the strategic seller and three trends that will fuel the future of sales.

Hisaka outlines three frontiers that forward-thinking organizations must embrace which include:

  1. Convergence of sales and marketing
  2. Using technology to augment human effort
  3. Personalization at scale

The State of Sales Development

Sales development is a critical role for any organization. When responsibilities are clearly defined, the SDR function can help your sales team increase productivity which creates predictable revenue. recently just released an infographic detailing the state of sales development after surveying over 900 companies. One interesting stat they uncovered was organization structure, of all SDRs, inbound sales development made up 17.1%, outbound made up 28.8% and 54.1% were a blend of both.

Head over to’s article here to get a better understanding of how sales development organizations are structured, what the average spend is for sales technology and what sales activity a business development performs daily.

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