How do I create a Social Selling culture inside an Enterprise company?

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks


Hi, this is Jamie Shanks at Sales For Life and this is Social Selling in 60 Seconds.

I want to be able to help you understand how larger Enterprise companies are rolling out Social Selling around the world. Let’s take Oracle as an example -we’re working with Oracle-23,000 sales reps and their evangelist is Jill Rowley.

They have a 3-step approach. I want you to write these down:

  • Step 1 – is the “Mindset Shift”. So what they’re doing is actually working with their team to understand the “Why”. Whether its they’re using videos, they have a learning management system that is deploying all kinds of great assets, but you can’t begin the process unless your sales reps truly believe the way that their currently doing things is not necessarily working, and the way to the future is by taking a shift. That is the “Mindset Shift” and so they are presenting all kinds a great testimonials and case studies.
  • Step 2 – is the “Skills” – now they utilized our content as an example. So they’re taking sales reps from crawl to walk to run. From building out ideal Social profiles to messaging to sharing content to building a routine. Once the master that they’re moving to step number 3.
  • Step 3 – is “Advanced Social Selling Tools”. These could be tools like HootSuite or I mean there is an endless supply of tools that are not just LinkedIn and Twitter. But will help a sales professional achieve their goals but more rapidly and more effectively.
So remember that “Mindset Shift” then “Skills” and then “Advanced Tools” which is just like icing on the cake.
Again this is Jamie Shanks and this is Social Selling in 60 seconds.

If you don’t want to be left behind the 8 ball – you need to start to take action. The following dozen blog posts on utilizing Social Selling strategies using LinkedIn can help you start. If you are really looking for some hidden gems on how you can attract a very specific prospect, I recommend you check out – 10 Steps to Building a Social Selling Machine. Find the topic of Social Selling interesting? Click below to book a time in my calendar to explore further! So what are you waiting for? Download the below guides .  9 Step Thumb10 Step Book Jamie Shanks Social Selling Talks

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