Executive Webinar: Empowering Your Sales Force With Social Selling Augu

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks


Best-in-class companies who have prioritized social selling have improved win rates by 16% according to CSO Insights. Which is why many sales enablement leaders have invested heavily into empowering their sales force with social. They need to take a strategic approach to supporting reps on their social selling journeys. The question is – how? Join Brainshark and Sales for Life for an in-depth look at why social is critical for sales enablement leaders and how they can empower their sales reps to make social an effective tool for engaging with buyers. Attend this webinar and you’ll learn: Why social selling is a key priority for sales enablement leaders How to make social selling learning available for your sales force How to enable your sales force with technology and content

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling