Ensuring Social Selling Adoption: The Sales Professionals Edition

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Sales Professionals EditionOn top of all the work sales professionals have to do, now there’s this thing called Social Selling. You don’t know what it is but you do know that you don’t have time for it. There’s too much on your plate. Too much on the go.

Let me allay your fears. You don’t have to invent anything here – you just have to have the fortitude to follow-through on some time-tested principles.

That said, here are some things to be watchful of when embarking down the path of Social Selling. Leave your comments and ideas on these below.

Have a Defined Goal

“I want to talk to people online” is not a good goal. It’s a recipe for disaster. This isn’t your dating site playground where you want to “talk to people”. I say this because I’ve heard this reason more times than I can count.

“I want to get 5 new prospect appointments this month” is a very well-defined goal. We can work on that and deconstruct the process to make sure you hit these targets. Working backwards and coming up with your weekly and daily tasks from there becomes much more feasible and attainable.

Process is Purpose

It’s important to have a process of what you’re doing. Need some help? We’ve built a time-tested process that has trained 25,000+ sales people. It’s boiled down into a 12-Step daily action plan that needs 30-60 minutes/day. If you like checking Facebook and personal e-mail, believe me, you’ve got time.

Having a proven system like this keeps you focused on your goals so you don’t have to second-guess and reinvent the wheel. The hard part has already been done. The framework has been chalked out. All you have to do is apply the principles into your daily schedule.


Once is never enough. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’m sure you’ve heard all of these sayings before so let’s not bore you with these.

If you’re serious about overachieving on your quota, this requires a daily effort. It’s not something you do once/week, or “once in a while”. This requires effort like all good things in life. The repeatability factor is huge in ensuring success with social. Without executing on your daily routine, how can you ever expect to make it? Plus, think about it like this: there are thousands of live conversations happening every day on social media. How are your customers different? If you’re not monitoring this, who is? It’s your competition.

Spread the Love – “Sharing Is Caring”

This one is really important but rarely do we think about it. Once you’ve got some successes under your belt, make sure you spread the love. Share these with your peers and management. Don’t keep it a secret. By you taking the time to make sure others around you learn, you’ll benefit in the long-run. Sharing successful practices, tips, tricks, tactics, etc. with your team is not just good for rapport and karma, it’s good for your own business.

By bringing everyone into the equation of your success, it sets you apart as leadership material. And that’s always good for your career. The next time you figure out a script that lands an appointment, or a great place to get influencer content, make sure you share that knowledge with your team.

The Bottom Line

Social selling isn’t difficult; it’s just different. The heavy lifting has been done: there’s now a clear and well-defined process you can follow to supercharge your sales quota. If you’ve got questions on how to get started, let’s chat. I’m happy to help you by showing some live tips/tricks.

To learn more about Social Selling check out 10 Steps to Becoming a Social Selling Machine or 9 Steps to a Winning LinkedIn Profile for Sales Professionals. For tips, tricks and more rants, we could always set-up a time to chat using my below schedule …

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