Engaging Buyers With Video (Spielberg Not Required)

Amar Sheth
Amar Sheth

Engaging Buyers with Video 2015 is the year of video!

That’s what we’ve been hearing since mid-2014. Everyone in marketing has been talking about the power of video to reach, teach and influence B2B buyers. And why not? Video is an effortless and smart way to convey emotion and ideas like 2D mediums can’t deliver.

But, how can sales professionals take advantage of this?

Prior to OneMob it wasn’t as easy. Check out the slick video here to see what I’m talking about.

Video Outreach Comes to the Smartphone

When I contacted Kyle Patel (one of their sales leaders), he immediately reached back out to me with a personalized video.

I was impressed with the quality and speed of the interaction.

The neat thing about OneMob is that it works off a smartphone App that you can use to create a customized personal message. We in sales try so hard to make our communications personalized but we ultimately can’t, due to the non-visual format of email and phone.

I wish more sales professionals would use webcams in communicating with prospects when they’re not face-to-face but that seems to be adopting at a very slow pace. OneMob could be the answer to this.

Native Integration

In my interview with Co-Founder Sati Hillyer, he emphasized the cool factor of the App. But, beyond this, he was very deliberate in conveying the tool’s greatest asset: native App integration with

Sales enablement and operations are often bombarded with tools that, many times, have very point-based functionality. But a gaping hole has always been the lack of integration with existing sales acceleration and management software.

Since is such a huge foundation and staple of most sales departments, OneMob quickly figured out that if they were to get anywhere, integration with the popular CRM platform would have to be the foundation. In fact, they already boast some of the largest technology companies in the world as clients who picked them for this very functionality.

The Bottom Line

I predict that OneMob and entrants like this in the marketplace will provide a huge and beneficial service to sales. It’s so simple to create and send video messages, that it aids in providing that extra level of personalization that is currently missing today.

Plus, the applications for various industries are endless.

So, what do you think of OneMob? Would you see yourself sending quick and easy video messages like this to enhance your business interactions? Sound off by sending me a tweet @AmarSheth or connect with me on LinkedIn here.


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