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Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Email Marketing

It’s time to re-evaluate the approach that salespeople take to email marketing.

That’s it! I’ve had it with email marketing. It’s amazing to me how every company I speak with tries to sell me on their uniqueness.

An off-the-shelf software solution comes with a promise that their requirements are special and it needs much customization.

An interview for a VP of Sales role comes with prophetic statements that their processes are unlike any others. “You’ll see,” they say.

What’s more, they consider their products and solutions to be different. Management teams everywhere wax poetic about their unique selling propositions, key differentiators, their competitive advantage – especially in the email marketing.

I say shenanigans!

I do so with a certain degree of confidence too. While every company strives to be different, as a consumer their actions tell me that they’re all pretty much identical. Their email marketing materials tell me that as well. The old adage “open your mouth and remove all doubt” comes to mind frequently.

As sales professionals we must ask ourselves, is there not a better way? Or are we just working to be “different” like everyone else? Does our email marketing and other content rise above the fray?

Take these email messages that I’ve received so far this year as examples:

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Email Marketing

See my point?

You’ll likely agree with me that emails like these, and likely the one’s you’re sending, generally lack value and rarely elicit a response from their target prospects.

I know for me, it would take a perfect alignment of the stars for me to engage with an offer like one of the ones above. However, had any one of the individuals sending me these notes actually sent me a connection notice on LinkedIn, at the very least they would have benefited by adding me to their network. Then at some point in the future, were I to have a requirement, I may be more apt to recognize them, value their effort, and give them a moment of my time.

The Bottom Line:

Dare to be different/better. Take an evolved approach to meeting and attracting new prospects and customers. Deliver insight and value as a free resource first. Make a connection, offer more insight and guidance. Nurture with content that helps through the buying process. Make yourself readily available when others have a need. Be helpful. That’s what will earn you more meetings.

It’s time to re-evaluate the approach that salespeople take to selling with email marketing.

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