Do You Sell in Canada? On July 1st Your Email Marketing is DEAD!

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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If you run the sales or marketing department at a Canadian company, and you’re not terrified of CanSpam you should be.

Email marketing going to be dead soon. CanSpam takes effect Starting July 1st, and you should get ready to fraction off a huge part of your email marketing campaigns.

What does that mean for most companies?

1. You’ll chop your database down to a fraction of the size
2. You’ll stop buying email lists from, OneSource, DiscoverOrg (your favorite tools)
3. Your VP Marketing will panic about “how am I going to fill that void of lead flow”
4. Your sales reps will be pissed off they have less inbound leads
5. You’ll panic and start spending marketing $ in areas you might not have otherwise

How can I solve this problem?

What free form of mass communications has “Opt In” participants, and can open MORE doors than email marketing? The answer: SOCIAL!

Your company can drive content and conversations no different than email, just in a different medium. The only difference is that LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ allows your team to build relationships with companies you’re not already engaged with. You see, the very act of joining a LinkedIn Group places you and the buyer in consensual position.
Social Selling Expert

How can my team leverage social like we did email?

1. Track content opens, views and downloads
You can use Bit.Ly, Ow.Ly, Goo.Ly, all of these tools allow you to track a social message and see clicks, content opens and content downloads.

2. Sharing content that drives downloads
Your sales team can learn to share the same content, but using LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. They can join LinkedIn Groups, talk to 1,000’s of buyers and drive a call-to-action back to the same destination that email marketing does.

3. Starting conversations with anyone
Back to Tip #2 – Group members have opted in to that Group. They are now eligible for conversations. The door is wide open for you to begin driving business, are you going to take it?

4. Getting 1,000’s of eye-balls on your content
This is where social CRUSHES email. You have the ability (with some hard work) to get your ideas in front of customers with more impact using social. Start thinking of yourself as a media company, rather than an “email newsletter every once in a while” type of company.

Let’s talk more about how you can replace email with social selling. Click the link below and let’s find a time to chat.

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