Cut The Crap: 4 eBooks For Social Selling Success

Daniel Ku
Daniel Ku
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There’s an endless sea of content out there on Social Selling including blogs, videos, infographics and eBooks. You’re probably wondering how you can get the best of the best in Social Selling resources. Well, it’s time to cut the crap.

We’ve trained over 50,000 sales professionals, compiled 100’s of tips, and worked with leaders in big and small companies. If you haven’t heard of Social Selling, well that’s about to change, now. So here’s a collection of 4 eBooks that will help you get down to the nitty-gritty of Social Selling including topics such as the modern buying process, measuring ROI, getting leadership buy-in and more. They’re also free to download, so are you ready to cut the crap and succeed?

1. The Executive’s Guide To Social Selling Success

You’ll learn the exact steps to take for Social Selling success. This eBook will also provide insight on why without executive buy-in, interest in a cultural shift, and creating accountability to change, any Social Selling program is doomed to fail.

Executive Guide to Social Selling

2. Where Does Social Selling Fit In The Buyer’s Journey?

You’re provided with tips that can be applied at every stage of the buying journey which are currently used by large corporations around the world. The main goal is to help you understand how you can fit Social Selling into a daily sales routine.


Where Does Social Selling Fit In The Buying Journey

3. Making A Case for Social Selling

This eBook will address how you can successfully implement Social Selling throughout your organization by aligning all departments: sales leadership, marketing and sales enablement.

Making A Case For Social Selling


4. The ROI Of Social Selling

This eBook is designed to help your organization understand the social aspect of the buyer’s funnel. From gathering leads to nurturing them and moving them through your sales funnel, this eBook will help you start incorporating a solid measurement strategy to prove the results of your Social Selling tactics.

ROI of Social Selling

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling