Context Matters with Social Selling (Video)

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Context Matters with Social Selling

Everything we do as sales professionals is about context. There has to be a right place and a right time for everything. Do you agree with this?

I don’t think it helps when we present concepts and ideas to people when they’re not ready. Sure, we can communicate with them, but ideal the interaction should be in a way that’s meaningful and adds value to their life.

Pitching is one thing and adding value is another. Shifting a buyer’s priorities is brutally difficult. When is the last time someone just agreed with everything you said? These blue bird deals happen only so often. Beyond that, it’s our job to help shape and shift the buyer’s mindset.

So, why not be contextual and relevant in the way we do it?

Are You Treating Social Media Like A Telephone?

It’s easy to forget that social media as a communications medium is different than the telephone. While we only have 30 seconds or so to spark a buyer’s interest on the phone, we have much more time with social media.

With social, we can learn to relax. Since your buyer is on a self-paced journey of learning, our job can be to assist them in a way that’s different. No longer does it have to be about boring e-mail pitches or cold calling.

If you’re currently using social media like a the way you use a telephone, it’s time to change.

Your BIGGEST Advantage

If you want to dominate over your competitors my friends, take this advice: be laser focused on helping buyers through their self-paced journey with enriching content and information.

Don’t pitch.

Don’t sell anything.

Don’t do what you typically do.

Don’t do what we’ve all, quite frankly, been taught to do!

By sharing highly relevant content, you will plant the seeds of trust in the potential buyer’s mind. Once you do that, your job becomes a lot easier. Sharing insightful and meaningful content can shape and alter your buyers’ minds, and they will make assumptions and draw conclusions about you when you do this. It’s one thing for you to tell them how great you are, but imagine how powerful it would be if they came to that conclusion themselves!

In short my friends, the market today requires you to commit to being different. This fact is especially true if you are in an industry that is hyper-competitive and with margins that aren’t the best.

The Bottom Line

Everything you do as a sales professional is about context. There has to be a right place and right time for attracting buyers. If you can’t educate and engage with them by phone, you need not worry. Use social media for that purpose. Get them excited and sold on YOU before they reach out.

Remember, social selling isn’t difficult… it’s just different. If you need some advice on how to get your context right, click the button below and let’s chat.
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