Content Roundup: Top 10 Social Selling Blog Posts for Beginners

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Sales and marketing professionals suffer from information overload more than other industry teams.

Whether internal or external, from playing catch-up with current projects to meeting the challenge of learning new programs, time – and ironically, information – is your worst enemy.

There is seemingly never enough room in your schedule to complete necessary and meaningful career and revenue building initiatives.

And yet, there is always an abundance of information to digest.

The question I receive most often – in tweets, InMails, emails, phone, conversation – is, “How do I get started with Social Selling? Where do I begin?”

If only there were a CliffsNotes version of what’s important.

There is now.

If you are curious about Social Selling, these 10 blog posts provide a powerful, fundamental foundation.

Follow this roadmap and you will build the necessary elements and strategies to begin your Social Selling journey.

Getting Started

Setting up Your Twitter Account – The value of Twitter is implicit to sales and marketing professionals. Industry pros know this social media platform is important, and that they should probably use it more than they already do, but are not really sure how or why. This post answers these questions.

Setting up an Ideal LinkedIn Profile – Having a robust LinkedIn profile is the cornerstone of any Social Seller’s activity. As sales and marketing pros share content and engage with clients on a daily basis, your LinkedIn profile represents who you are, what you do and, most importantly, how you can help.

How to Choose the Right Social Selling Tools – Selecting the right tool may not guarantee Social Selling success, but using the wrong pro tool may spell disaster – for both you and your organization. Here are 6 fundamental questions I consider when evaluating a new pro tool.

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Connecting to Buyers

How to Sell on Social Media: The 3 C’s – Content, Conversation, and Conversion – As the Social Selling revolution continues to captivate the sales and marketing industry, the most successful and forward-thinking sales and marketing professionals utilize social media to connect and capture more business than ever previously imagined. Here are three simple steps that describe the transformative process of “Social Selling,” or how to use social media to generate revenue.

Twitter Success How to Score More Sales in Less than 140 Characters – What’s the bottom line? Twitter can help you sell more. Here are six actionable tips to help you sift through all of the noise and engage your clients and hot prospects.

Are Your Messages Being Read? 5 Social Selling Best Practices – The when, where, and how to message a prospect for the first time can be one of the most frustrating aspects of sales and marketing. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

LinkedIn’s Forgotten Rule – If You Want to Connect, Just Connect – Many LinkedIn users are overly preoccupied with what truly is a relatively simple act – deciding upon whether to accept a LinkedIn connection request. Here are three reasons why you should adopt a more “accepting” view of these messages.

Fine Tuning

The 4 Key Elements of a Successful Social Selling Routine Are you just “winging it” with Social Selling? Your routine should include these four elements in order to reap the advantages of time vs. effort. Hint: Get trained!

6 Signs (And the Cure) to Unmasking a Social Selling Charlatan – Confused about whom to trust with introducing Social Selling to your team? Learn how to identify the Social Selling sham artists that perpetuate the industry and separate the pretenders (never trained anyone) from the contenders.

What to Do When Your Content Cupboard is Bare – Content is the life blood of social selling. Without a constant source of relevant and helpful content, your prospects and potential buyers will wither on the vine and die like spoiled fruit. Learn three strategies to fill any content chasm and help position you as an expert.

If you or your team hasn’t already adopted Social Selling, why are you waiting? Regardless of where you are on the Social Selling spectrum (beginner, intermediate, advanced), if you want to talk about building integrity-based relationships and improving your team’s performance, click the green button below to schedule a call with me and we’ll chat.

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