Content Roundup: Measuring Content Marketing Effectiveness

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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measuring content marketing effectiveness

You put a lot of time and resources into your content marketing, but how do you know if it’s actually working?

The posts featured in this week’s #ContentRoundup provide some great tips for the metrics you should be tracking to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

Understand Your Content Marketing Goals Before Setting Metrics

measure content marketing effectiveness

It’s much easier to start a journey if you know where you’re going! This article from MarketingProfs offers some great tips on how to set metrics based on your B2B content marketing goals.

Content Marketing Metrics You Should Be Measuring on Your Blog

measure content marketing effectiveness

This post from Heinz Marketing provides an excellent breakdown of the metrics you should be tracking to measure performance and retention, engagement, and source — all important metrics to get insights on the effectiveness of your blog!

5 Smart Metrics to Measure B2B Content Marketing Success

measure content marketing effectiveness

Content marketing without measurement is like a trying to play football as a blindfolded quarterback. Bizible offers some great tips for tracking your content marketing effectiveness beyond blogging.

Conversion vs. Audience Metrics: The Secret to Successful Content Measurement

measure content marketing effectiveness

Is there One Content Marketing Metric to Rule Them All? Find out in this blog post from Contently.

How to Conquer the Content ROI Conundrum

measure content marketing effectiveness

Many marketers are playing “Where’s Waldo?” when it comes to measuring content marketing ROI. Watch the recording from our B2B Content Hacks Series with Marketo here!

Learn the new framework B2B marketers should use to evaluate content marketing software and build a lean, mean content marketing machine.


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