Content Roundup: How to Win at B2B Content Marketing

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Content Roundup

It’s tough to “win” at B2B marketing, but it isn’t impossible!

This week’s #ContentRoundup provides some tips and tricks for how B2B marketers can come out on top.

Content Marketing Tips for B2B Organizations

Content Roundup

Rand Fishkin to the rescue! Just when I thought Whiteboard Fridays couldn’t get any better, Rand offers some great tips for how to win at B2B content marketing. Watch it here.

Content Marketing — It’s Going to Get Weird

Content Roundup

Joe Pulizzi presents a fascinating argument on how to win at content marketing, concluding: “While your competitors may slow their content-marketing velocity or kill the plan entirely, those that have a strategy and continue to execute against it will win.” Read the full article here.

11 Content Marketing FAQs Answered

As part of Pardot’s B2B Bootcamp series, they answered some common questions about B2B content marketing. Their savvy answers are definitely worth a read!

What Effective B2B Content Marketing Looks Like

Content Roundup

“Having a documented editorial mission statement is a key facet of an effective B2B content marketing strategy, as is having a team that can plan and create engaging content to deliver the vision.” What else do B2B marketers need to do to be effective in 2016? Find out here!

7 Companies Winning at B2B Content Marketing

Content Roundup

Want to see some great B2B content marketing examples in action? Check out this list from Technology Advice.

Want to win at B2B content marketing? Try hosting a webinar — watch our webinar to learn how!

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