Constant Content Curation – A New Moniker For Sales?

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks


As the sales profession continues to evolve, ever present is the fact that sales professionals must now play an active role in the development of marketing assets and other relevant content curation.

In larger organizations, we need to take a more integrated approach to assisting/guiding the efforts of the marketing department. Or at least start talking more openly about the massive divide that tends to exist between the two groups. Sales and Marketing that is. Because in the not so distant future, the job description of the sales professional will most certainly also include: Micro Marketer.

It seems a regular occurrence now that, instead of spending the entire day pounding on the telephone, a primary focus of professionals must also be on the development and production of constant and relevant content for consumption.

This is not limited to include such endeavors as blog posts, status updates, newsletters, html emails, case studies, whitepapers, videos, and the like. All in the name of promoting your message, providing insight to clients/prospects, and otherwise wowing your colleagues with your depth of knowledge and prowess in any given domain.

For some, this new interruption comes as a welcome departure from the 100 year old practice of Cold Calling. An entire set of new excuses to avoid picking up that phone. For others, it presents a monumental learning curve (I’m watching a guy typing with his index fingers).

Regardless of the side of the equation you find yourself on, now is absolutely the time to dive in. As Jeffrey Gitomer says when talking about catching the Social Selling wave, “It’s not too late!”

Oh, and here’s a quick video I put together over the past few days. Enjoy.

The Bottom Line

From a Social Selling perspective, if you are not sharing new insights with your prospects and clients, you risk losing them to your competitors. Is that a risk worth taking? If you want to learn how to stay ahead of your competitors with social selling, start by checking out our 42 LinkedIn Tips. If you would like to explore further, click the link below to arrange a time for us to talk.

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