BYOS: Bring Your Own Self (Video)

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Bring Your Own Self

It’s interesting to see how we all crave the comfort of social groups. However, in that quest for comfort, are you willing to let go and shed your own personality?

I’m back from my interview with Sander Biehn about his new book, The 30 Year Paycheck, I started to realize the ultimate truth about most sales people. It has nothing to do with numbers, quota, training, experience, and so on.

It has to do with personality. Are you as a sales person comfortable in your own skin? I believe everything stems from this. If you’re not, it will always show in your work.

Are You Mimicking Your Manager?

Remember, companies have hired you because you’re an individual with your own gifts, ideas, passions and creativity. I know you might feel pressure to fit in at times. We’ve all done it and we’re all guilty of it. However, ask yourself what you think is best for the long-term. Is it to mimic your manager? I don’t think so!

The reality is that it’s time you started to exert your own personality in a way that’s polite, humble and respectful of others. There’s no need to copy anyone else’s personality, my friends. Guess what? There’s only going to be one person like your direct manager, and that’s your direct manager! Emulate all you want, but you can never be that person.

BYOS, Ruthlessly

You’ll have to make a mindful decision to ruthlessly be yourself. When you catch yourself being like others to fit in because you think that’s what your company or boss wants to see, STOP! Exercising the choice to be yourself is very liberating and will pave the way to ultimately expressing your gifts and ideas.

You will likely face a huge amount of peer pressure from your typical and mindless corporate zombies in the process. Ignore it and move on.

The Social Selling Tie-In

One of the foundational principles of social selling is using social platforms to create our own mini-brands. If the goal is to create our own brands, what better way than to be ourselves?

Think about every single thought leader you know out there. Pick the top 3 that come to mind. Do you think they copy the style and personality of anyone else? Of course they don’t! If the most successful people are all about being themselves and comfortable in their own skin, who are we to try and change this basis for success?

The Bottom Line

Please, be yourself. You’re a gift – it’s time you started to let everyone around you know it. One of the easiest ways to be yourself is to share your best ideas, thoughts and creativity. Do it in a way that’s fun and inspiring for those around you, and you’ve got the winning combination.

When you’re this natural, your career can only go up.

If you’re serious about being a modern day sales professional and using social media as a part of your efforts, don’t forget this advice: Bring Your Own Self. Contact me using the link below to chat more about using social selling to build your unique brand.
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