Attention Sales Reps: Buyers are Going Social! (Video)

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Attention Sales Reps: Buyers are Going Social!

Listen up sales reps! Our buyers are going social. There is now emerging evidence of the power of social media in the buying world.

Buyers that use social media to their advantage tend to have greater influence, larger purchasing budgets, and buy more order-for-order against their non-social peers.

Below, I talk more about the data that backs this up and consequences of avoiding social selling.

Profile of a Social Buyer

Check out this infographic for data that should give your reason to think about social media.

Profile of a Social Buyer

Why You Should Care

Here is why you should care. The majority of the buying journey is now done online without a sales person’s involvement (some estimate 57% to 70%). These new social buying stats will simply work to reinforce why sales people need to go more social.

The trend will only increase from here on out. Make no mistake about it: if your buyer can research almost everything they need without you, they’ll do so. Social media seems to be one of the places for buyers to get their research done en masse.

Meet the Buyer on Their Turf

Well, social media isn’t necessarily just the turf of buyers any more. It’s your stomping ground, too! The more you get involved in social selling, the greater the chance you’ll have of effectively meeting this new challenge. If all you’re going to do is make cold calls, you’ve pretty much limited your possibilities of success.

The Bottom Line

Buyers are going social – are you? This trend should worry you enough to take some action. Remember the goal of buyers: to gather large amounts of information while keeping sales rep involvement to a minimum. They’re hell bent on success!

Give yourself a fighting chance at this folks. Learn social selling and meet the buyers where they are… online!

Remember, social selling isn’t difficult, it’s just different. Need to know if your buyers are online? Let me show you. Click the “click to schedule” button below and let’s chat for a few minutes.

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