Attention CRO’s – Your #1 Priority in Next 30 Days for FY 2019

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

You just got the troops back into the office for another big year. There are endless “priorities” for the year, but only a few can highly influence sales objectives, and ultimately change your business outcomes. I see sales leaders spend time with compensation plans, territory models, new technology integrations, etc.  Personally, I won’t be focused on that. In my opinion, here is the #1 Priority that you need to know IMMEDIATELY, in the next 30 days!

“Which new accounts in each territory, vertical, or market – are most likely to buy, and become new customers this year?”

I honestly don’t think anything can be more important for a sales leader. The answer(s) to this question will have the more profound effect on sales quota attainment.

Challenge – If you have the time to interview every SDR, BDR, AE, CSM, etc. in your company, and ask them on which accounts they are most focused on, you’d get the following list by:

– Revenue
– Market share
– Employee count
– Technology stack compatibility
– High profile brands (the one’s you always see on Bloomberg News)

You get my point.

You are going to risk spinning, many cycles to figure out the strategy that works with the above approach.  Sure, if you attack the challenge with brute force (aka – lots of headcount to saturate a market), you might get there.  Are you really willing to take that chance?

Idea to spark effectiveness – why not rethink the problem?  Have you ever heard the saying “success breeds success?”  Think about your company’s successes… the customers that are your advocates.  This is a competitive advantage that no one can take from you – RELATIONSHIPS.  How can your customer advocates be a key to re-prioritizing the accounts that could have HIGHER probability to engage your company?

What if there was a map, a primer, to unlocking your customer success and past beneficiaries of your company’s solutions – to aid in new business growth?

Welcome a very important solution to your challenge – relationship mapping by using the “SPHERE OF INFLUENCE”.

Sphere Of Influence

Above is a visual representation to demonstrate that 1x successful customer can breed relationships and stories that move new companies off their status quo.

This account-based focus, specifically Account Selection with each territory, vertical or market, is CRITICAL in your next 30 days to make sure you’re focused on the HIGH PROBABILITY accounts.

It’s your turn now!  You have 30 days to kick off the year strong.  Are you going to try the old toss it up against the way to see what sticks approach in 2019 or are you going to start leveraging the SPHERE OF INFLUENCE of your current and past relationships? 

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