Are You Waiting to be Picked, Or Will You Pick Yourself? (Video)

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Pick Yourself

When it comes to sales, one of the greatest moves we can make is to stop waiting for permission and to pick yourself to get things done ourselves.

This blog is inspired by a video I saw of Seth Godin (watch it here).

If you think that this topic doesn’t have any relevance or have anything to do with you in particular, you’d be dead wrong. This has everything to do with what you do, how you do it, when you do it and has drastic implications on the direction of your career.

Stop the Madness!

Here’s where I go off on a slight tangent but humor me for a moment. What I absolutely hate (I seldom use the word hate for those that know me) about our society is we’ve all been brainwashed into zombies; different kinds of zombies, but zombies nonetheless.

Here’s what I mean: we’re all accustomed to doing things after getting permission. This permission-based action mentality will deprive us of many things. It’ll deprive us of better and faster growth in our careers, through to more fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

Social Selling Expert

Picking Yourself IS The Journey

When it comes to sales people, one of the greatest moves we can make is to stop accepting the status quo and get things done ourselves.

If you’re punching in and punching out, doing sales in the same way you’re being taught, or that you’ve seen from colleagues, you’re depriving yourself of some of the greatest tools out there. So while you may know that there are things out there in the world that could help you, you’re too afraid to take action. You’re waiting for your manager to give you permission to do it. You’re waiting for that head-nod to feel better.

The Bottom Line

Picking ourselves can be deeply gratifying and rewarding, yet very scary. It’s unknown territory for most of us who grew up with controlling parents, teachers, and now bosses. Jump in with two fee. There’s no rocket science here. The fun is on the way down.

If you want to learn something, go for it.

Need to get started on the social selling trip of a life time? No permission slip is required. Click on the “click to schedule” button below and let’s get social.

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