Americas vs. EMEA vs. APAC: Global Differences For Implementing Social Selling

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks


We’re excited to feature success stories on how to implement social selling within global companies. You’ll learn from companies like Kofax, Vonage, Sage, Henkel and more. Join our panelists:
  • Jamie Shanks, CEO, Sales for Life
  • Paul Butterfield, Director of Sales Enablement, Vonage
  • Jim Close, RVP of Sales UK&I, Kofax
  • Wendy Van Gilst, Global Social Media  Marketing Lead, Sage
  • Franciso Ramon Pelzing, Global Manager Henkel Adhesives Professional Campus, Henkel
  • Ron De Appolonia, VP of Client Training, Sales for Life
Whether it’s Americas, EMEA or APAC, each region is reflected within their buyer. So what are the differences in terms of social selling? And how does the region affecting the way you adopt social selling? This session will share stories from the trenches on the true global differences in social selling across the globe.


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