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Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Google Authorship

Google authorship – what is it, and why do I need to know about it?

After investing hours upon hours creating catchy, insightful blog posts and otherwise gripping content, you want to make sure you are publishing them in a way that the information gets picked up and actually gets seen. I’ve heard recently that it’s one thing to create something worth sharing online, another to create something worth sharing around the table at a dinner party. Let’s just focus online for the time being.

Part of what drives consumption online is influence, relevance, and frequency of posts. Another part (perhaps of equal importance) is simply making sure you have put a thoughtful well-linked Social Sales Engine in place. And that means being considerate of things like Google Authorship.

What is Google Authorship?

One of the easiest ways to improve your reach and assist your own SEO is to go ahead and claim your Google Authorship. “What’s that? I’m a Sales Professional”, you say. Well read on… The times they are a-changing. You now need to be part Author as well.

Next time you Google search you may notice the little profile images that come up alongside the top results, nestled up against a link that includes “by Author’s Name”. Seems that these little pictures drive a highly valued behavior – CTR. It is estimated that this little image and the appropriate linking can increase your Click Through Rates by as much as 151%. The combination of image, link, and link back to your Google Profile are essentially what Google Authorship is – in very plain terms.

I’m not one to reinvent the wheel; there’s a veritable mountain of information about the topic with highly detailed instructions on how to set up and optimize its use. My point is simply one of encouragement. I encourage you to take the time to learn this valuable extra step in the process of becoming a Social Sales Pro. If nothing else, you will at least be represented properly next to your content when it pops up. What happens next is now ultimately up to you.

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The Bottom Line

Understanding the importance of creating content that helps drive your influence online, Google Authorship is a key item to include as part of your Social Sales Engine. Not only does it lay proper claim to the work you put so much effort into, it also increases the likelihood that it will actually show up in search results by order of magnitude.

Interested in learning about other tips and tricks to systematically improve your approach to Social Selling check out our 42 LinkedIn Tips? If you would like to explore further, click the link below to arrange a time for us to talk.

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