9 Expert Quotes On How To Drive Revenue Growth IN 2016 [Infographic]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin
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How is your organization driving revenue in the digital world?

Your customers are changing. They’re digitally driven, socially connected & mobile empowered, as the queen of Social Selling Jill Rowley says. The customer is at the center of everything. And for your organization to survive in the ever-changing B2B landscape, you’ll need to equipyour sales and marketing teams with the right strategies to help your customers.

To help buyers throughout their journey, you need a new approach. Check out the infographic below with 9 expert quotes by Tiffani Bova of Gartner, Laura Ramos of Forrester, and influencers from LinkedIn, Adobe & more on how to drive revenue today.

All of them, by the way, will be a part of the Digital Growth Conference – an event on March 29th that you surely don’t want to miss!

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The Future Of Revenue Growth Infographic

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