6 Skills For The Modern Sales Pro [Ebook]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin
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sales skills ebook

Learn what it takes to succeed in the modern sales environment.

The days of buyers reaching out to sellers for information about purchases are over. Because of this evolved buyer/seller relationship, the role of the modern sales professional has changed. What characteristics are obsolete, and what ones will continue to provide value today and into the future?

This ebook outlines those characteristics. Based on the highly popular webinar “The Essential Skills of Modern Sales Teams,” the ebook includes research by Forrester, and a case study on how Mark Roberge grew HubSpot’s Sales Division to $100 million in only a few short years.

After reading this eBook you will learn:

  • A deep understanding of the modern buyer and the modern buying journey

  • The skills and characteristics of the best performing salespeople

  • The 6 criteria that are correlated most strongly with sales success

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