5 EASY Social Selling Steps Used in Europe!

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

After working with5 Social Selling Steps the team at TIBCO – Spotfire, their sales team’s ROCKING with Social Selling.

One sales champion – Mimoun Khalloufi has been CRUSHING it with Social Selling. He’s an example of a sales rep that has truly embraced the power of LinkedIn, Twitter and other Social tools.

Here is an example of 1 of the MANY, MANY deals he’s brought forward with Social Selling.

STEP 1: Share valuable content:

Mimoun finds at least one story each day. The article, video or image (infographic) can be used to prospect 1 account, or his entire network. Here is an example of him sharing content on his LinkedIn account:

EASY Social Selling Steps

STEP 2: Measure the impact of your content:

Mimoun knows that if he’s sharing content on LinkedIn, that content will go viral due to his engaged 1st degree network. Each morning, he’ll review to see if someone in his 1st degree network has Liked, Commented or Shared his content – placing his shared articles in front of 100’s of 2nd or 3rd degree connections. These connections COULD be his ideal buyer.

Who Viewed My Profile

STEP 3: Wait and see who viewed your profile:

Every morning as well, Mimoun will review “Who viewed his profile”. As a Premium user, he has access to everyone that’s viewed. Now he starts to get a clear picture of the power of his content, phone calls, emails and voicemails.

Social Selling

STEP 4: Connect with your prospect sending a LinkedIn Invitation:

Mimoun takes action! He connects with these buyers, but in a soft selling approach. He extends himself as a trusted resource that the buyer can use at any time.

Sales for Life Europe

STEP 5: Call your prospects that accepted your invitation and use IKO for direct phone number

The buyer accepts the invitation because Mimoun appears to be a resource. Timing is of the essence as his connection request comes RIGHT after she shows interest in his content. Note: IKO System is a database Social Competitive Intelligence & Social competitive intelligence tool with huge success in Europe, coming to North America.


RESULTS: Contact recommended Mimoun to the Decision-Maker, and wants to meet his team at Spotfire and discuss how they could help her on the use case: Customer Insight.

Success Story

If you don’t want to be left behind the 8 ball – you need to start to take action. The following dozen blog posts on utilizing Social Selling strategies using LinkedIn can help you start. If you are really looking for some hidden gems on how you can attract a very specific prospect, I recommend you check out – 10 Steps to Building a Social Selling Machine. Find the topic of Social Selling interesting? Click below to book a time in my calendar to explore further! So what are you waiting for? Download the below guides .

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