5 Apps To Improve Productivity For Salespeople

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mobile apps productivitySalespeople are busy. Whether you’re a C-level executive, a manager or a sales professional, it can be a challenge to keep juggling all the different tasks you have to do. Fortunately, we’ve organized this list of mobile apps many salespeople we know use to boost their productivity. Here are 5 killer apps that should be essential to any sales routine.

1) is a blog library of third-party content. Salespeople can create customized streams and store content they think is important for sharing with customers and their own learning.

On our team, I know salespeople use it this way: In the morning, they like to identify content to share with their network. In the evening, they use it for their own learning, and to gain best practices they can use and bring back to their craft.


Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused on what immediate tasks salespeople need to get done. Luckily, we live in 2016, and there are some incredibly advanced and useful apps to help salespeople stay organized. lets you create a to-dol list and stay on track with daily reminders. It also has an option for location-based reminders, so you’ll never forget milk for your coffee while at the grocery store again. It’s also great for collaboration because you can share your lists with others. 

3) Google Calendar

googlecal.pngWho needs a planner when you have google calendar? It is a sophisticated and comprehensive planning system that allows you to schedule your time down to the minute.

The functionality is all yours to discover, as you can colour-code your schedule, collaborate on meetings and even check other people’s schedules to see when they’re available.

The benefit of having Google calender as a mobile app allows push notifications and a buzz, so you’ll never miss a meeting or important call so long as your phone is on you.

4) Evernote

evernoteOur CEO loves Evernote. He uses it to categorizes all his thoughts into folders such as:

  • Brain Dump

  • What am I going to complete today? and

  • Future projects to address

Every morning, he checks the folders to see what he needs to accomplish that day, and aligns his priorities based on the Franklin Covey Rock System. The Rock System helps him prioritize in Evernote based on three or four major quarterly goals. Other than Google Calendar, we’d argue Evernote is the most effective time management app on the market.

5) Hootsuite


The king of all social planners, Hootsuite is an incredibly popular social tool for both salespeople and marketers. It allows users to update, schedule and monitor all of your social networks from your mobile device.

If you want to gain visibility, we all know the importance of providing insights to the market — how can you do that if you don’t have a steady flow of content?

Have other tools you use for productivity? Leave them below in the comments section!


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