3 Reasons Why Sales Shouldn’t Wait For Marketing! (Video)

Amar Sheth
Amar Sheth

The one thing we hear consistently from the sales pros we train is that they want to share content but want it delivered to them on a silver platter. Below are 3 reasons you’ll want to remember if this is the case!

Before I begin, a special note for our friends in marketing: this isn’t meant to be a dig at you. It’s meant to help the sales pros in your company start with the habit of sharing content.

Back to our reasons. Watch this video to learn more!

1. It’ll slow you down

Let me clarify a little more: it will slow down your results! The quicker you hustle to find your own content, the quicker you’ll start seeing results. If you believe that your buyers are online reading, watching, learning and generally forming opinions, then jump in with two feet. Don’t worry about form, focus on authenticity.

What good will waiting do? I recently trained a sales team spread across the country that absorbed this message. Something “clicked” with them. Their marketing team is awesome but they realized that they wouldn’t be able to provide their newly minted social sellers all the content in the world in the next few months.

The sales team took the onus on themselves and decided to hold each other accountable. Each week, they contribute a few pieces of content to a private LinkedIn Group set up just for them. Amazing idea! It’s not “perfect” but they’re not settling for status quo either!

2. You’ll know your clients on a more intimate basis

Perhaps you’ll hear your customers/prospects talking about something and you’ll have to search out a great piece for them. In this case, finding something personally for the buyer will yield far better results.

I love working with the creative minds in marketing but ultimately they’re not going to know each and every one of your buyers and prospects. How much effort does it take to find something that helps that buyer or prospect? Isn’t it worth it to establish yourself as a reputable resource?

It’s like buying software; the majority of it will work out of box (like content from marketing) but the last mile may require some creative finagling (content you find).

Supercharged Content Sharing

3. Your marketing team just may not be ready with content

Like I write above, it could take MONTHS before wonderful content is available for you. Your marketing team is working hard to produce it. So what do you do?

Find your own! There are a bevy of resources available to you.

Try a Content Aggregator

LinkedIn Pulse is a great example. There is wonderful content that’s available there for you to tap into. People are discussing ideas, how-to tips, pointing you to whitepapers and much more.

Find It On Twitter

While Twitter may cause your heart to palpitate, you needn’t worry. Cut through all the clutter and find content by building lists third-party influencers. Maybe even subscribe to a few as well. Either way, jump directly into the content that matters to your buyers and avoid all of the other useless tweets.

Subscribe To Blogs

If you sell to the marketing department, the finance group, operations, or any function within a company, I promise you there are leading industry publications that they’re reading and turning to for ideas and learning.

Why not subscribe to them? Not sure what they are? Just ask your buyers. “Ms. CIO, what 5 publications do you read regularly?”

Who said finding content had to be fancy?

The Bottom Line

Content is such an important part of being a modern-day sales professional that waiting for someone else to provide it to you will lead to waiting. Fact: of the nearly 250 clients we’ve trained, there are only a HANDFUL of marketing departments who can boast to have world-class content that’s readily available for sales reps to share.

So what will you do? Here is my humble suggestion: don’t wait. Start now.

If you need help on working through the innards of content finding and sharing, I’m a click away! See that little “schedule” button below? Press that to start a conversation.

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