19 Things That Inevitably Happen to B2B Marketers at the End of the Year

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks


End of Year for Marketers

The year is winding down, but between 2015 reporting and New Year planning, it feels like B2B marketers are just getting started.

The end of the year can be stressful — below, you’ll find a sample of things (expressed in GIFs, of course) that you’ve probably experienced over the past month.

Keep holding on… we’re all in this together!

1. You realize how few days you have left until the end of the year and how much you have to check off on your “to do” list, which causes you to have a mild anxiety attack.

Holiday GIF

There simply aren’t enough hours in a day!

2. But, stuff must get done. So you take a deep breath and dive into your year-end reporting.

Holiday GIF


3. You’ll have to revisit a few campaigns that didn’t go so well and will be unimpressed by these metrics.

Holiday GIF

“You know nothin’, Google Analytics.”

4. But, you’ll also get to review the campaigns that killed it and be reminded of your team’s awesomeness!

Holiday GIF

It’s morphin’ time.

5. Meanwhile, you have to keep your holiday and year-end marketing campaigns up and running…

Holiday GIF

Multitasking FTW.

6. Which involves trying to nurture leads while they’re on vacation…

holiday marketing gif

7. And creating and editing content until the very last minute…

Holiday GIF

8. And never-ending optimization.

Holiday GIF

Make it rain.

9. Eventually, you’ll find the time to start planning for 2016!

Holiday GIF

Here we go!

10. After gathering your insights from 2015, you’ll have to set your targets for next year.

Holiday GIF

Ready, aim…

11. You’ll have to set your budget.

Holiday GIF

Now we’re talking.

12. You’ll also have to brainstorm your content and campaigns and build out your editorial calendar.

Holiday GIF

Come on, brain!

13. You might even get to try a few new tools that will help set you up for success in 2016.

Holiday GIF

New toys, woohoo!

14. You’ll get really excited when your whole marketing team is on board with your new ideas.

Holiday GIF

Feel the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling.

15. For a while, it might seem like you’re stuck at the office, but…

Holiday GIF

16. Because you’re a sophisticated marketer, everything will go off without a hitch and your holiday spirit will be renewed!

Holiday GIFHoliday GIF

17. So, party it up with your coworkers…

Holiday GIF

You deserve it!

18. Set your out-of-office autoresponder… 

Holiday GIF

Error 404: Marketer not found… 

19. And have a fun, safe, and happy holiday season!

Holiday GIF

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