15 Apps For The Traveling Executive

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Your phone is your office now. The IDC forecasts that by 2020 around three out of four US workers will be fully mobile. This is especially true for executives that travel numerous times a year for business.

Get comfortable inside your new office with some apps that make your life a breeze. We’ll start with the essentials and then move on to some massive productivity gainers. Before boarding for your next flight, make sure you’re well equipped with these lifesaving apps. Give them a try and enjoy yourself office on-the-go.

1. Evernote

You’ve got notes scattered everywhere: on the mirror, in the car, on the inside of your glasses. Put them in a place where you can always access them instantly. Stay productive and on track with vital info that follows you across devices.


2. Audible

Your audiobook library on the go. Get access to a collection of great listening resources to ensure you’re always learning something new, no matter where and when. Now you won’t have to worry about carrying a physical book with you.


3. Headspace

All this traveling can be exhausting and sometimes you just need time to yourself to think. Headspace is a meditation app that allows you to just let go, meditate on the present moment. It’s a great way to escape the stress of traveling and help you relax.


4. Expensify

This is a great app for expense reporting especially if you just hate carrying receipts. It can take a photo of your receipt, and report on tracking time and business travel. This will be a Chief Financial Officer’s best friend because there will no longer be a need to chase down expense reports from your colleagues.


5. LinkedIn

It’s on your laptop. Why isn’t it on your mobile device? Stay connected with your professional network and pounce on openings to connect before the competition sees them.

LinkedIn Connections

6. Twitter

This is another resource that is greatly underused. It’s not just for broadcasting. It’s for listening too. You can launch the app and do last-minute research right up to the last second before your meeting. Demonstrate that you know everything about your buyers, even the latest changes. That edge could be all you need to close the deal.


7. HubSpot Sales

This tool tells you who opened your emails, when they did it, from where and on which device, among other insights.

Hubspot Sales

8. GoToMeeting

How cool would it be to shrink a teleconference room to the size of your palm? That’s what this app does. Take your next meeting on the deck of a cruise ship on your way to the Bahamas.

Go To Meeting

9. Feedly

Bring together all the content sources you need in one place and avoid the web’s many, many distractions.

Feedly- All in One Place

10. Spotify

Just because you’re on business, doesn’t mean you can’t jam to your favourite tunes. With all this traveling, you won’t have time to keep up with the latest music. So this is a way great to follow along the new hit songs and catered playlists.

Find your Favorities on Spotify

11. Pocket

One of the most annoying parts of travel is all the unexpected stops and starts. Save whatever you’re looking at with this app and bring it up again on any other device when you have another pocket of time.

Save for Later in Pocket

12. CamCard

That conference was great, but that stack of business cards you picked up will be a bear to enter in your CRM. Not anymore. Take a few pictures and your contacts follow you across devices.

Camcard for Read Cards Instantly

13. DocScan

You need to scan more than business cards on the road. Get online access to info in paper contracts, whiteboard notes and flyers. This character reader even enhances images and corrects for shadows.


14. Dragon

Sometimes you just can’t text, but need to get a message out to someone. Dragon converts your speech to text, email, Twitter or Facebook. You may never want to touch a keyboard again.

Let Dragon Converts your Speech to Text

15. Momondo

If you’re always flying, whether business or vacation, Momondo is great for finding you a cheap flight more efficiently. Especially if you have a last minute flight you have to catch, this will help save you time.


Next time, instead of driving up your blood pressure by waiting for the next flight, get pumped about improving your life, business and productivity with some new apps. You’ll probably still need to come into the office once in a while to stay on point with your sales teams. Other than that, keep moving, stay hungry and remember your ABCs – Always Be Connecting!

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