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The “It” Factor: Why Sales Enablement Is Key To Revenue Attainment [Infographic]

Organizations that have a dedicated Sales Enablement role see an 8.2% in revenue attainment versus those that don’t. This role helps increase the effectiveness of sales teams by providing the right processes, the right technology and improving selling behaviour to ultimately grow revenue. Yet many organizations don’t have a dedicated function in place, what’s up with that?

Check out the infographic below created by Showpad with research from CSO Insights to understand the position of Sales Enablement and the key ways this role impact within an organization.

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The Resurrection Of The B2B Salesperson [Infographic]

Forrester has proclaimed that by 2020 1 million sales jobs will be obsolete. Their newest research –which Forrester will fully reveal in an upcoming free webinar– also recommends that in order to keep up with the modern buyer, B2B salespeople should adapt or perish. Quite alarming for many B2B sales teams. However every cloud has a silver lining.

The demise of traditional B2B salespeople signals a new opportunity to reboot your sales team. Our latest infographic, leverages Forrester’s data to illustrate the current four seller archetypes and suggests new ways to design a scalable sales force that aligns with the rapidly-evolving modern buyer.

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7 Data-Driven Reasons Why You Must Align Sales And Marketing

7 Data Driven Reasons Why You Must Align Sales And MarketingWhat is it with sales and marketing? Haven’t you ever wondered what all the tension is really about? They share the same goal of bringing in customers and they frequently use the same communications channels. Even some of the best companies can’t tell them apart. However, if you are still struggling with bringing these two divisions together, it helps to think of the problem as something akin to sibling rivalry. What may seem like a slight alteration in priorities or procedures can often drive them into conflict. It’s up to you to straighten them out.

If you want to start reaping all the benefits of sales and marketing alignment, digital transformation is your answer. Put the right people, process and technologies in place to help them collaborate seamlessly, eliminate the blame game and turbocharge revenues. If you need help justifying this kind of digital transformation for your business, here’s the data and hard stats that will make your case for you.

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The Identity Crisis Of Sales Enablement [Infographic]

The role of Sales Enablement has evolved significantly within a short period of time however some companies still don’t understand the impact this role can have on revenue. Businesses that are having moderate to huge results are have done so through the right strategy. In fact, this can be directly tied to Sales Enablement as 61% believe this role helps define strategy.

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Survival Of The Fittest: 8 Stats About The Future Of Sales

8 Stats About The Future Of SalesWhen things get better, change is easy. Nobody with a smartphone longs for the days of desk phones. You don’t hear people complaining that they can’t find low-definition TVs anymore.

A widely dispersed yet seemingly instantaneous transformation is known as a sea change. If you’re still out to sea about adopting Social Selling techniques or think it’s merely a temporary shift, (remember when people said that the Internet was only a fad?), these stats will prove it’s time to lower the boom and change tack before some other ship sails off with your leads.

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The Death Of The B2B Salesperson [Infographic]

Attention salespeople, prepare to lose your job in five years. That’s a big statement to make but recent research by Forrester predicts that by 2020, over a million salespeople (as we know them) will be obsolete. Shocking. So what’s the cause of death for the B2B salesperson? Cold calls freezing over and bringing us into an ice age? Possibly. Or just a shift into the modern era with the emergence of technology that outfaces old sales methodologies.

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10 Habits Of Highly Effective Social Sellers [Infographic]

Habits are the behaviors ingrained into our daily routine and into the very system of who we are. They are actions repeated on a consistent basis to the point where they become second nature. Once a habit is formed, it’s very hard to break.

Social sellers are no strangers to good habits. A lot has been said about the skills and tools that the top performing social sellers should consider as part of their routine. But what about the habits they repeat on a consistent basis? What habits have been so ingrained into the fabric of the ideal social sellers that make them succeed?

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15 Knock-Your-Socks-Off Quotes For The Modern Sales Professional

15 Knock Your Socks off Quotes For The Modern Sales Professional

Your buyer has changed and with that, you might be finding it difficult to sell with traditional methods. As good as a sales professional you are, not acknowledging the modern buyer can be detrimental to your sales goals and career. No fear though, learning from your failures will lead to success. This is how greatness is born. Sometimes you just need to light a fire to kickstart your success and hopefully warm up your cold calls.

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The Death Of The Closer: Why Social Sellers Are Here To Stay [Infographic]

Always be closing, remember when that was the motto? The day of the cold calling, pushy, aggressive salesperson is over. Salespeople as we knew them are bound to disappear. Why is that? Because the buyer has changed. You’ve heard that statement before but it’s time to take action.

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An Animated Guide To The Perfect LinkedIn Profile For Social Selling [GIFographic]

An Animated Guide to The Perfect Linkedin Profile For Social Selling

Your LinkedIn profile should be treated as a digital business card. It shouldn’t focus on your achievements or how you’ve crushed quota, especially for Social Selling.