70% of Your Pipeline from Social Selling? Arzoo’s Story

 I’ve just returned from a successful business trip to Dubai, and while I was there I met up with one of our customers, Arzoo Edroos. Arzoo is an account-based seller for Refinitiv and Thomson Reuters, and we’ve been working with her for the last seven years. 

Like millions of people in the MENA/GCC region, Arzoo has embraced social selling. She primarily uses LinkedIn—and has achieved incredible results! If you have a sales team in the MENA/GCC region, Arzoo’s story talks about how social selling generated 70% of her sales pipeline. If your team sells into the MENA/GCC market, get ready to be empowered.

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Arzoo’s story

Arzoo started out as a prospector, and her job was to generate lead opportunities. At that time, she mainly used traditional sales methods. Seven years ago, she was introduced to social selling through Sales For Life’s training program. She began to use LinkedIn, and when she analyzed the conversation rate on the opportunities she had generated, she found that 70-75% of her sales that closed were purely through LinkedIn and social selling! That number is astounding! It’s a testament to how important it is for sales teams to implement LinkedIn and social selling to generate pipeline. 

Not only that, but her results through social selling have taken her career to the next level. The sales she was closing with LinkedIn helped her make a case to her manager as to why she should be promoted to Account Manager. 

“The leads I had generated, the sales I had closed, it was all thanks to LinkedIn and social selling, and the Sales For Life classes,” she says.

Arzoo uses LinkedIn for more than selling, though. She says LinkedIn is a valuable tool that she uses to resolve issues with products or services that she has purchased. When she has any issues, she will reach out to customer service departments via LinkedIn, and gets a quick response. 

Bottom line: There are 21 million people on LinkedIn in the MENA/GCC region. And if you’re not using LinkedIn to generate pipeline, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Regional excuses are no longer valid. By reverse engineering your finance, and risk, you’ll be able to target key accounts in a bold and different way—and like Arzoo, you too can have a large percentage of your pipeline come from social selling.

For more of Arzoo’s story, check out the LinkedIn post:

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