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Identifying Decision Makers and Preparing For A Skills Transformation [Roundup]


In this week’s roundup, we’re sharing articles from both the LinkedIn Sales Blog and SiriusDecisions. The first blog by Alex Hisaka covers how to leverage social selling to identify key decision-makers including advanced searches, LinkedIn groups and more.

In the second article, Amanda Jensen of SiriusDecisions makes the analogy that skills transformation is similar to mountain climbing, both need a lot of preparation and planning. She dives deeper into the five necessary steps you need to take for a skills transformation effort.

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Why These Emerging Industries Are Starting To Adopt Social Selling

Within the past five years, we’ve seen the emergence of social selling from a buzzword to now table stakes within many sales organizations. Just like any channels whether it’s email or call, if  you provide a sales organization with a network of contacts then they’ll inevitably figure out how to leverage it effectively.

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Top 5 Data-Driven Infographics On How To Engage B2B Buyers

Your buyer is online performing their due dilligence prior to engaging with sales.  And as a result, sales leaders and professionals must take the necessary steps to engage today’s B2B buyer with value and relevance.

Identifying key insights on the company you’re approaching, creating a buyer-centric LinkedIn profile, engaging Millennial decision-makers. These are all key components of a thorough process you and your sales organization must think about as you engage buyers.

Which is why we’ve wrapped up five of our most popular data-driven infographics in one package for you to easily digest.

Here’s what’s inside this kit:

  • The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet
  • 12 Insights Salespeople Must Know Before Calling A Buyer
  • 14 Step Routine To Kickstart Your Account-Based Sales Development Process
  • How To Engage Millennial Buyers With Your Sales Approach
  • 5 Skills For Modern B2B Sales Leaders To Thrive In The Future

You can download them, save them or even print and hang them. Infographics are an easy way to read through time-consuming concepts.

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4 Ways to Nurture Marketing Qualified Leads into Sales Qualified Leads

What percentage of your organization’s marketing efforts are focused on the top of the funnel?

If you don’t know, now might be a good time to re-evaluate your current strategy. While ramping up your blog publishing schedule and keeping a healthy social media presence are essential to growing traffic, they will do little to nurture cold leads into sales-ready opportunities. Setting up multiple, automated workflows can be complicated and time-consuming for sales reps and marketers alike, but at the end of the day you’re not going to close any more deals without focusing on your qualified leads and bottom-of-the-funnel offers.

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Executive Webinar: How To Successfully Implement A Social Selling Program


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Is There Insurance For Your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Investment?

Without fail, each week I get a call or email from a company somewhere in the world that falls in one of these categories:

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The Art Of Compelling Conversations: From Cold Calling To The Pitch [Roundup]


Conversations are a critical component to any sale yet it can also be the most challenging for some. What do I say? How do I start a conversation? Am I saying the right things? Those are all often challenges sales leaders hear from their own sales professionals.

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Webinar: How To Have Conversations With Buyers In


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How Millennials In Sales Are Shifting Current Leadership Methods

What are we going to do with those Millennials emerging within the workplace? Especially those taking on sales roles such as sales development reps, account executives, account managers and even sales leadership? According to Deloitte, 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, want to work for organizations that foster innovative thinking, develop their skills, and make a positive contribution to society.

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After Sending 107 Video Emails, Here’s How My Prospects Responded

Is video messaging really effective? And if so – how effective is it? Our sales team has been using video messaging techniques for some time now and we can see intuitively that it works to connect and engage with prospects quicker than some of the more traditional methods like phone and e-mail.