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Choosing The Right People For A Social Selling Pilot Is Critical For Success

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Pilots, proof of concepts and phase one’s = we all need to develop business cases to empirically prove a return on investment which allows for greater funding for scalability.

This is a necessary evil in developing any sort of program of change management. In some cases, this could be adoption of a new CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator or even just a new sales methodology. After running over 300 global digital sales transformations around the world, there is one simple rule to follow in developing a Proof of Concept (POC):

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The State of Social Selling In Sales Enablement Ft. C



Social Selling Pioneer Jill Rowley Joins Sales for Life as Chief Growth Officer

TORONTO, CANADA (November 29, 2017) – Sales for Life Inc. is pleased to announce that Jill Rowley has now joined as a Chief Growth Officer of the firm. She brings her vast experience in digital sales and marketing, coupled with the executive acumen she has developed as a Board of Directors member at Affinio and Advisor for DataRPM, Folloze, TrackMaven, Accompany and as an investor in Vidyard, Engagio, Terminus and

“Modern buyers need modern sellers who are data-driven, digitally-savvy, socially-connected and tech-enabled. We’re still in the beginning stages of transforming our sales organizations and Sales for Life has continuously proven to be the leader in transforming sales organizations from analog to digital.” said Rowley.